Will Larry Kudlow Follow Olbermann And Scarborough In (Temporary) "Biased Reporting" Exile?

While not directly under the purview of finacial matters, a topic that has received much attention recently are the now two consecutive censures of MSNBC hosts: first Keith Olbermann, and now Joe Scarborough for political donations. The reason given by MSNBC (NBCsubsidiary) president Phil Griffin is that "since [Scarborough] did not seek or receive prior approval for these contributions, Joe understands that I will be suspending him for violating our policy." As for Olbermann: "Days before the November 2 congressional elections, Olbermann gave contributions of $2,400 each to Jack Conway, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, and to two members of the House of Representatives from Arizona, Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords." Presumably the decision to censure the two arose out of NBC News, MSNBC's broadcast partner, which attempts to protect the news organization's image as unbiased. Zero Hedge is all for unbiased reporting, even at such purportedly extremely far from the center stations as MSNBC and Fox News. After all, both of these are watched purely for entertainment purposes, and serve to merely create an echo chamber environment. Yet one station, which is also under the control of NBC, and which should pursue neutrality more than anything due to the sensitive nature of its coverage, is financial station CNBC. Which is why we were very surprised to discover that none other than Larry Kudlow recently donated $1,000 to former Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays. We wonder whether this means we actually may a day or two without supply-side general extraordinaire Larry Kudlow at the CNBC helm since obviously NBC will strive to enforce objectivity at all of its broadcast partners?


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