Zero Hedge Announces New Partnership With Google

As you will no doubt be aware, a large portion of our energies here at Zero Hedge are devoted to developing new products and services for our readers.  In this tradition, we are pleased today to announce a new partnership with Google.

Zero Hedge's dedication to providing our readers with transparency and insight into all matters financial bleeds readily into the related goal of increasing the public understanding of finance.  Finance, of course, is a language of its own.  Rich and complex, finance can boggle even the most astute minds with its winding prose and (in the United States) strong propensity for rose colored lensing.

With these issues in mind, Zero Hedge has been quietly working on a series of translation modules for the Google family of language tools.  Today, we would like to share with you some screenshots of our work on the "Budget" translation module.

The much underutilized blog of the Congressional Budget Office is the outlet for the CBO's monthly budget review discussion.  Taken from daily treasury data, these offer unique insight into the realities of the fiscal picture- and are therefore totally ignored or marginalized by the current administration.

The two examples below (click to enlarge) are from the just-released November Monthly Budget Review.  We think you will find them helpful and an essential tool to breaking down the language of the budget and its processes in the United States.  As you can see from the shots below, we continue to work on simplifying translation of difficult concepts and we look forward to implementing the Budget translation module in full on Zero Hedge in the upcoming months.