Zero Hedge Video Analysis Reveals Paintball Guns, Secret Turkish Weapon

Tellingly, a number of commentators on the recent "Gaza Flotilla" kerfuffle, including some right here on Zero Hedge, appear to have fallen prey to the seductive wiles of the Palestinian (and now Turkish) propaganda ministry, painting the Israeli Defense Forces as a "go in guns blazing" murder squad victimizing a few, poor, international protesters on an innocent blockade runner on a diplomatic mission that absolutely, positively did not intercept those transmissions.  True, it seemed quite unlikely that the IDF would board a blockade runner ("Darth Vader.  Only you could be so bold.") with just paintball guns, but exclusive Zero Hedge analysis can now reveal that not only did IDF forces board the Mavi Marmara with sidearms holstered and only paint ball guns as their primary weapons, but, in what must be the most significant Israeli intelligence failure in decades, they were unwittingly lured into facing a historic and potent enemy they could not hope to vanquish with colored ink.

We refer, of course, to Turkish cavalry.

While surely unconventional to deploy at sea, Turkish cavalry has commanded fear and respect since the Battle of Bapheus in 1302, and, in more contemporary times, in the Greco-Turkish war between 1919 and 1922, most notably in the Battle of Dumlup?nar, finally vanquishing the Greek presence in Anatolia.

Indeed, had we not seen the video with our own eyes, it would be difficult to credit the addition of Marine Cavalry units to the asymmetric order of battle facing the IDF, but the video evidence is incontrovertible.  Our frame by frame analysis of IDF provided video clearly shows the presence of feared Turkish Marine Cavalry on board the Mavi Marmara.

Frame-by-Frame Slow Motion Analysis


IDF Member with Paintball Gun


Dreaded Turkish Cavalry