Evergreen College Punishes 80 Students For Menacing Protests That Shut Down Campus

After standing idly by as radical cultural Marxists forced biology professor Bret Weinstein into hiding, the Evergreen State College administration has decided to penalize 80 students for their involvement with disruptive protests earlier this year that transformed the sleepy state school into a symbol of leftist repression.

Initially, College President George Bridges promised that no students would be held accountable for effectively seizing control of the campus library after a confrontation with Weinstein erupted into a full-scale riot last semester. That incident marked the beginning of months of demonstrations and protests aimed at punishing “racist” administrators, teachers, students and virtually anybody who disagreed with the students’ demands or their characterization of authority figures as racist, malevolent villains.

During the student uprising. school officials at the 4,000-student school received approximately 120 incident reports involving 180 students during the days-long series of protests, according to the Daily Caller.

“Of those 180 students, approximately 80 were found responsible for their actions,” Evergreen State spokeswoman Sandra Kaiser told The Olympian. “They received sanctions ranging from formal warnings, community service and probation, to suspension.”

An unidentified person who does not attend Evergreen State was also “arrested and permanently barred from campus,” an Evergreen spokesman said.

Video footage from the campus was widely shared on YouTube and social media. In one memorable video – recorded at the beginning of the protests over the administration’s refusal to fire Weinstein -  students at a tense community meeting can be heard going berserk, obscenely screaming about “racist white teachers” and “white-assed administrators.”

Weinstein, who published an editorial in the Wall Street Journal about his experience at Evergreen, and his wife were paid $500,000 by the school to settle a $3.8 million lawsuit he filed after he was forced to flee while students toting bats and clubs stopped and searched cars traveling through campus searching for him.

In early June, classes at Evergreen were canceled for three days after the school received a threat of violence on campus. In an disturbingly ironic twist, the school later had to send an email kindly asking students to stop forming vigilante patrols armed with blunt weapons.

The threats forced Evergreen State to shell out approximately $100,000 to rent a nearby minor league baseball stadium for its commencement ceremony, which had traditionally been held on the campus quad, which is called…wait for it…Red Square (the is derived from its red-brick surface).

It was around this time that public opinion appeared to turn against the students, as the protests were roundly mocked in the media, inspiring some Washington State lawmakers to threaten to revoke the school’s funding.

In a troubling sign for the school administration that no doubt played into their decision to punish the offending protesters, enrollment at the school plunged by 5% for the current academic year, leaving the school with a $2.1 million budget shortfall.


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Tell the Shitlings if they don't like the campus they: 1) should not have applied there; and 2) transfer to Howard University where they will feel more safely spaced.Most of these Shitlings are not even paying their own freaking way! Cut the scholarship (or suspend/arrest) for any shitling of Libtard who disrupts the campus or threatens any other student or professor. Lets not have murders like they are now having on the UT campus in Austin as Sjoitlings go crazy.  UT Austin Campus Stabbing: Unarmed White Student Killed by Dindu, 3 Other Unarmed Whities Injured In Attack [UPDATED](May3, 2017) Suspect dindu Kendrex J. White, 21, is accused of fatally stabbing another student identified by officials of his hometown as Harrison Brown. He asked the white student if he was a frat boy before stabbing him to death. Then proceeded to stab several other white students.  https://patch.com/texas/downtownaustin/4-reportedly-stabbed-ut-austin-c… 

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fleur de lis Never One Roach Sun, 10/08/2017 - 12:43 Permalink

There is something wrong with the math.Seriously.Clearly these hideous brats are academic flunkies who sail through high school and colleges with substandard reading, science, writing skills, etc.They will be unemployable except in an academic or a .gov environment where slovenly, obnoxious, uncouth, uncultured, uneducated marxists gravitate because there is no need for excellence in the workplace, and indeed crummy work is acceptable.Even their fellow travelers in the  MSM could not hire them because they are bad tempered and incapable of getting along with others with whom they disagree, would have problems with compliance and taking orders from superiors, would not be able to keep their disruptive behavior under control, so they would affect the general order of the work environment.They should not have been admitted to colleges and universities in the first place so how did they get in?My guess is that the problem -- as usual -- is with the schools themselves in that they offer stupid courses in dead end subjects and need the easy scholarship and loan money to keep the dead end studies racket going.Also the schools have developed the bad habit of excusing destructive behavior instead of issuing a warning or demanding repayment for personal or property damage.Failure to pay for damages should be followed with expulsion but that means the little thug takes the money with him/her.Then of course there is the student loan problem where these idiots take out loans that will crush them for life, but the schools don't care as long as they rake in the cash.So they enroll ignorant, know-it-all rowdies and keep making the courses easier, thus keeping the dead end faculty paid.Until the tax payers correlate post graduate employment per department with tax funding, these college mobs will continue to proliferate like weeds.   

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jbwilson24 fleur de lis Mon, 10/09/2017 - 12:57 Permalink

Save for the fact that private sector companies are coming under the same pressure to hire for 'diversity' and to drop standards. IN my silicon valley firm I have seen decidedly questionable hiring of late. We are sprouting blacks, lesbians and transgendered engineers at a rate FAR exceeding their representatoin in the pool of graduates. I've seen women get hired with 2 of 5 across the board on interviews. They are changing the private sector to force them to hire people like this.

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Ignatius said: "...trapped in the hell of the DMV."

I smile every time I read a post like that. I used to have to cope with long lines that sometimes wrapped around the block of mostly Mexicans overflowing the doors of a southern Commiefornia DMV. I managed to escape as soon as I retired. It's so wonderful to be able to now walk up to a DMV window with no waiting at all and no one in line. Instant service. Wonderful. Kids and dogs ride in the back of pickup trucks without being hassled by the ubiquitous cops of various stripes (city marshal, county sheriff, and state police), and kids go out to play at night without fear since the crime rate is ZERO, except for an occasional DUI. Most people carry open or concealed hand guns without needing a government permit and the local sheriff encourages everyone to carry a gun on their person or in their car. It's like living in the 1950's.

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Mazzy overbet Sat, 10/07/2017 - 20:15 Permalink

It will drive out hard-working and intelligent Whites.  Pretty soon no one (other than the government) will hire people with university degrees, other than those in the truly difficult science, tech and, engineering fields and even then hopefully only those from colleges with a decent reputation.So anyone who went to Evergreen, Oberlin, or William & Mary.....off the list, resume in the trash.  Employers take note.

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EddieLomax GUS100CORRINA Sun, 10/08/2017 - 04:49 Permalink

It is a start, this nonsense where the students tell the teachers what is right and wrong has been going on since the 1960's, essentially it is a movement that undermines the authority of key western institutions for political ends.Hopefully the next time the lefty inspired students rise up we'll see large numbers of them suspended, investigated and then expelled.  And then perhaps we might have seen things go into reverse with students questioning and rebelling against the socialist politics foisted on them by people who are supposed to be teaching them something useful.Although if they've enrolled for gender studies, or political studies etc then there is no hope of that.

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Blankone Charles Wilson Sat, 10/07/2017 - 19:58 Permalink

The article does not say how many were actually suspended and for how long. No students were kicked out.

Students were armed with bats and clubs, stopping cars in search of certain individuals/types of individuals to give a beating or take hostage. And none were kicked out.

What if other students did the same thing and searched for "black ass ....". Not only would they be kicked out they would be arrested for terrorist threats.

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Evergreen probably saw what happened at U of Missouri when the Bolshies were not held accountable and Evergreen didn't want to go down the same path- freshman enrollment at Mizzou dropped by 25%- (tuition)money talks

Omen IV Juggernaut x2 Sun, 10/08/2017 - 03:36 Permalink

once the low IQ animals get to critical mass - you need to leave before the inevitable problem occurs - the professors have to target the education to the least common denominator so there is no real education being provided  - which is why these low life need separate facilities because they cant keep up even in conditions with reduced expectations.Tolerance breeds bad behavior - Intolerance creates performance --- get rid of the animals only solution!

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Blame the limp-wristed college president, what a fucking cuck. He stands there and does NOTHING other than make apologies to the fucking retards that are taking over the college and threatening some professors. NOW, they want to take action? How fucking retarded. This whole incident could have been nipped in the bud the very DAY it broke out. You expel every fucking student that starts making verbal or physically threatening actions, IMMEDIATELY. Have them escorted off campus and arrested if they re-enter. The idiot president obviously has NO CLUE what his job is or how to discipline students, fire that moron. 500K spent because someone was hired that had no idea how to do his job. Now it cost the college 2 million. Hell, if he would have done what I suggested above, he probably would be over-run with students wanting to go to school somewhere that doesn't cater to these libtarded freaks.

Endgame Napoleon chubbar Sat, 10/07/2017 - 20:18 Permalink

How will these young people function in the world of jobs, where they will have zero options to express their radical political ideology in any ole way they want? In fact, they will have no alternative but to do and say exactly what their bosses want them to do and say, regardless of how they view it from a political perspective. Otherwise, they will have no money for rent and food unless they have unearned income from a spouse or from the government for womb productivity.

These students are living in a dream world in more ways than one. A good rude awakening for them would be a government job, with an 80% diversity of Black employees holding civil servant status and a 20% minority of white employees who make it through the year to get civil servant status. There will be no tolerance for protesting that at work, either.

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Utopia Planitia chubbar Sun, 10/08/2017 - 00:11 Permalink

The entire s-hole needs to be shut down and bulldozed.  The mere fact that WA State continues to fund that place is a testament to the fact that progressives at the helm of government simply use power and the taxpayer's money to do whatever the f&ck they want.  They do not serve the public interest they only serve THEIR interest.  They are never held accountable and there are never any repercsussions for their actions.  One wonders if the public will ever wake up? (probably never in Western WA)

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Mazzy Sat, 10/07/2017 - 20:00 Permalink

So many (((Weinsteins))) in the news these days.  Shocking.Glad that ultra-leftist got shot down by idiot marxists even farther to the left than he is.   They barely have a message anymore. Are we about to hit the Maoist student revolution stage? 

Mazzy VWAndy Sat, 10/07/2017 - 20:11 Permalink

Might as well get into a trade, then by the time your peers get their "degrees" you'll be halfway toward starting your own business making 100+ by ages 25-30 without all the bullshit jew debt.  Play your cards right, college is for suckers and money can be had by those willing to work hard and hussle for it.

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VWAndy Mazzy Sat, 10/07/2017 - 20:23 Permalink

  Thats last place Id look for talent would be the graduating class. In a year or two you will be able to pick up this years top grads up for Starbucks money. Sorry but its true. Everyone worth a shit left school as soon as they had enough skills to get in the door.

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BidnessMan VWAndy Sat, 10/07/2017 - 20:54 Permalink

Highly doubt Evergreen College was ever of interest to anyone with common sense.  Expect the college is now radioactive for any serious job recruiter.  Who would hire these people?  Immediately start protesting at the office about job unfairness and "social justice" ? Why would Starbucks hire anyone with Evergreen anywhere on their resume?  I sure would not.  Demons be gone.     

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