Homeland Security Data Breach Exposed Over 240,000 DHS Employees In "Unauthorized Exfiltration"

Over 240,000 current and former Department of Homeland Security employees had their personal details compromised in a data breach discovered in May, 2017, while conducting an ongoing criminal investigation, in what the agency is calling a "privacy incident." DHS listed a workforce of 229,000 in 2017, so we assume the breach affected most or all current employees.


While conducting an internal criminal probe, DHS investigators found that a former employee in the agency's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) possessed an unauthorized copy of the agency's investigative case management system - which included employee names, social security numbers, and position of 246,167 federal government staff employed by DHS in 2014. 

Friends and family of DHS employees involved in OIG investigations were also compromised. 

The breach of the DHS OIG Case Files included individuals associated with DHS OIG investigations.  Family members and close associates were impacted by this privacy incident only if they were involved in a DHS OIG investigation.

Moreover, the database also contained information on an undisclosed number of criminal suspects, witnesses and complaints by the office between 2002 and 2014 - also exposing names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. 

This privacy incident involved the release of personally identifiable information (PII) contained in the DHS OIG case management system and affects two groups of individuals. The first group consists of approximately 247,167 current and former federal employees that were employed by DHS in 2014 (the DHS Employee Data).  The second group is comprised of individuals (i.e., subjects, witnesses, and complainants) associated with DHS OIG investigations from 2002 through 2014 (the Investigative Data).

Current and former DHS staff were notified of the breach on December 18, 2017 - however the department said it was "unable to provide direct notice to the individuals affected by the Investigative Data." Employees affected by the incident are being offered 18 months of free credit monitoring and identity protection services

The notice reads: 

This message is to inform you of a privacy incident involving a database used by the Department of Homeland Securitys (DHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG).  You may have been impacted by this privacy incident if you were employed by DHS in 2014, or if you were associated with a DHS OIG investigation from 2002 through 2014. 

Homeland Security notes that the breach did not stem from a cyber-attack by external actors, and there is no evidence that personal information was the primary target of the unauthorized exfiltration


The agency also said in a statement that the delay between the May, 2017 discovery of the breach to the December, 2017 notification of current and former employees was due to the complexity of the case - and because they could not compromise an ongoing criminal investigation connected to the breach. 

The investigation was complex given its close connection to an ongoing criminal investigation.  From May through November 2017, DHS conducted a thorough privacy investigation, extensive forensic analysis of the compromised data, an in-depth assessment of the risk to affected individuals, and comprehensive technical evaluations of the data elements exposed.  These steps required close collaboration with law enforcement investigating bodies to ensure the investigation was not compromised.

The department is recommending that affected employees consult the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft website, consider freezing their credit, reaching out to all three major credit bureaus, and to watch out for phone calls from individuals claiming to be from DHS who ask for personal information.

DHS is implementing a number of security measures going forward, including placing additional limitations on which individuals have access to the agency's case management system, establishing additional network controls to identify unusual access patterns, and performing a "360-degree review" of OIG practices related to the case management system.


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  Hopefully it has fallen into the right hands.  There are those who see a civil war coming and are gathering information.

  You can help.  Keep watch in your community.  It isn't too hard to find out the home addresses of judges and prosecutors.  Keep it low key and to yourself.  You will know when to put it in the public domain.

  It's a lot cheaper and much more effective than stockpiling arms


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It is nice that what would appear to be the 800lb gorilla of the recent past 'the international left', appears to be exposed and reminded that they are not untouchable, and their domination is over. Now they will have to get back to the negotiating table, which is bad for them, because the truth and A lie cannot both be discussed. Still I feel very strongly that the whole claim of we are now all equal, there is no longer any reason for conflict, nor to hear about conditions in different colored communities, is dead in the water. Women the extremely ignorant and cowards may keep living their lives, but everyone will know the right wing is missing, and we have not achieved global equality, and we live in A fascist state that we are waiting for it to die. But by leaving the right wing interesting, it is like watching A commie hippie get beat to death. So, we will see what happens, In G-d I trust. Worst case scenario, years and years of our lives wasted over nothing. Yes, worse than death.

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here's how the Clinton Pedobrigade began:


https://youtu.be/VNBWs2GkDGU - The Kinsey Syndrome.

i couldn't believe it - this is the documentary showing how the pedo Kinsey was funded by Rockefeller Foundation money in the 1940s and got pedo's to actually use this fraud "scientific" study of Kinsey to change laws in ALL states about pedo & child rape & abuse.

the poster of this vid, "builder rejected" has dropped a bunch of important vids - here's another one:


Gang Stalking & V2K Testimony by Private Security Whistleblower

this one is key to the amazon story we saw on zh a few days ago and the Seattle homeless story which has gone nationwide the other day also -  

he's also got some chemtrailing ones documenting the Patriot Act sections which authorize spraying us with experimental chemicals

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Now you know EXACTLY why I called out both my state reps regarding their votes for the Real ID Act! Oklahoma did a superior job of keeping the data safe, yet these inbred Sea Serpents of The Deep State Swamp can't even keep their wallets closed, less the information on We The People.

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So "homeland security" can't even protect the security of its own employees/databases.  But we're all supposed to trade our liberty for their snooping and groping.   I also wonder what else was breached that they are not making public.  

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How many of these "Security Agencies" do we actually have now ? We must be the most 'protected' nation ever up on Earth except for perhaps the East Germans and Soviet Russian eastern block invite'ees from 46 to 89'ish. The USA is so Bad-Ass that the Department of Agriculture has automatic weapons in it's inventory ?

The only problems the USA has are created by the so-called Government, it's just that simple, like a Monkey fucking a football.

At least 50 % of the Economy in the USA is subsidized by Free-Loot.gov and Hard work and graft has fuck all to do with anything, hard work and graft will get you Target status to be milked, sooner or later.

When the Crash does come it will be Epic.

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