Devaluation Disregarded

from thevictoryreport:

I would love to see a ZeroHedge revolver map blowing up. And because I see the paradigm crumbling and hanker the authentic, I just reckoned everyone else did too. Not true. How may “business” and “finance” guys have never even heard of the world’s largest financial blog, we turn to daily? It’s a trip to scan their grape to get their perceptions of “markets” and the economy. These guys are parrots or oblivious (likely both), and can regurgitate counterfeit stats faster than an Ivey Bridge.

I came to.. in late 2008, early 2009 and made goal to spread the word to as many people possible about banksters, debt, sound money, and the collapse a hand.

I’m happy to report my words and actions have not entirely fallen on deaf ears. Regrettably, those who believe the narrative to be overreaction surpass them, and consequently continue to needle and motivate me. And from this drive (and a new thang for Final Cut Pro) Devaluation Disregarded is born.

"When paradigms fail, there is abundant evidence in advance of the trouble. The evidence goes unheeded, even when individuals in charge are aware of it."