Trader's Video Playbook and Jon Stewart - what can I put in my mouth?

Here's Chris's detailed market analaysis - in video form - very timely with the weekend's news and price action.... Try out Trader's Video Playbook, risk free, here.  ~ Ilene

Chris Vermeulen's Trader's Video Playbook - Monday's Market Call

Today will be active as the market flirts with major resistance and sellers lurking overhead.

The morning video covers what has/is happening in the market along with how we are going to handle today’s price action.

8:00 AM ET - Pre-Market Video Analysis Points:
-    Dollar gapped down sharply to support last night and is not starting to bounce.
-    Rising dollar is helping to pull stocks and commodities back down this morning almost eliminating last night’s entire price surge.
-    Gold, Silver, Oil and Nat Gas remain in down trends are have yet to form a base or bottoming pattern so we remain neutral on them.
-    Bonds have been pulling back for a couple sessions as money moved from risk off to risk on assets.
-    SP500 gapped up 20 points last night but is only trading up 5 points now.


Watch Live Technical Analysis Video For Today NOW.

Chris Vermeulen



Jon Stewart Tries to Figure Out What He's Allowed to Put in His Mouth

In New York, a proposed bill would levy a harsher monetary penalty for selling 16 ounces of soda than it would for carrying 25 grams of pot.


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Jon Stewart Tries to Figure Out What He's Allowed to Put in His Mouth
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