We affirm our [viagral] com[munalist]itment [between football matches] to do what is [whoromoronically] necessary [until next time] to [detourne] the financial [in]stability of the euro [D Cup] area [as we have so ably intiated heretofootball], in particular by using the existing EFSF/ESM [edifices] in a [flexcurable], effluent and sodomologically circuminventive] manner [what else do we have?] in order to [insta-]stabilize markets [line up and lean over suckas] for Member States re[-in]specting their Country Specific Recommendations [hysterical demands on Tante Mutti] and their other com[munalist]ments [what a pretty word] including their respective timelines [to SOROs Doom], under the European Semester, the Stability and Growth Pact, the Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure, [the Bilderberg Manifesto, the Collective Comitological Principles of EURO Nomenklat-oral and the Merkel Gaussian Bailout Cycle.]

These conditions should be reflected in a [fully unenforceable] [Magically Materializing] Memorandum of [Mis-]Understanding.

We welcome that the ECB has agreed to serve as a [LIBORactive] agent to EFSF/ESM in conducting [flexicurative] market [sodomization] operations in a [wickedly] [d]effective, [d]efficient [and fornicultural] manner.

This temporary solution has an expected shelf life of two obfuscated trading days.

Arriverderci Troika!