When you are suddenly surrounded by violence and killing, it’s too late to train.

My prayers and thoughts this morning are with the families of those that were killed or injured by the psychopath in Colorado, and also with my own family that attended a movie last weekend and shall do so again many times in the future.


Below, I have re-posted an email sent out this morning from Brian Hoffner in response to the Batman shooting.  Brian is a Houston Police Department officer that trains other law enforcement officers at the academy. He also conducts courses for private citizens.  At this time, in most of our nation's cities, one can find instructors like Brian that are ready, willing, and able to teach others how to not become a victim. 






This morning’s BATMAN SHOOTING, I wish I could have been there to stop this killer but I wasn’t. That’s the way it is...The sheepdogs wish they could have been there, the sheep are thankful that they weren’t.


This killer was prepared and calculating as he slowly made his way up the stairs and firing - picking random people. For years I have been lecturing about and preparing police and my students to defend against this kind of shooting including what to do in a movie theater because I know that it’s coming. 


Responsible Americans must enjoy life while being prepared for the kooks. There are screwed up people in this world and they can appear anywhere at any moment. Be prepared for your immediate defense and the protection of their family. It is an obligation. It the reason I train Police and Responsible Citizens, but it takes more than skills and mindset,,, it also takes equipment and you have to have it with you. That’s why I have made holsters for the last quarter century and invented American Tactical Apparel Pants.


If you leave the house without your head screwed on right and without the equipment to win the sudden violent situation,,, you are a sheep, period.  Unfortunately there are so many people out there that will not do what they need to do to be prepared, and I know many of them.  They talk about it, procrastinate; find something other than the welfare of their family to spend their money and time on.  I know because I don't see them in training.  They train a little than they stop.  They may carry their gun but will be unable to respond appropriately in the blink of an eye.


I canceled this weekend’s Tactical shotgun class, why?  No one signed up for the best shotgun training in the world.  No one signed up to retake at half price so they could work on getting their 5 shot time below two seconds. 


So I will scratch my head, like I do when only a handful show up for SoSu on Saturday mornings, and I wonder why I am failing to motivate those who should not need to be motivated.  For those of you attending day 2 of Tactical Pistol Sunday, congratulations, but like I told you in class, many of you will go no further.


We have the opportunity under our Constitution to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ourselves and for our families.  The future will hold many challenges to our constitution and to us as individuals. 


When your test comes suddenly and violently you will know who, and what, you are at that millisecond.  You will understand what is happening is real and you will be glad that you are there to protect your family and save others and gloriously you will act with skill, ability, and confidence.  Or you will doubt your ability, be overcome by fear, of no help to yourself or others...a sheep. 

Sheep Dog Warriors are not apathetic and putting things off.  They are tired because they are driven, always working, and training regardless.  Get it together people, don't be sheep!


When you are suddenly surrounded by violence and killing, it’s too late to train, your skills toolbox must already be in order.  You have to believe in what you can do and gloriously get it done, confidently, reactively, effectively.  You know what is happening is real and you are glad to be there.  This is why you train, this is why you prepare, this is why you spend so much time, money, and energy on all of it...because you are Sheepdog.


Wishing you safety through will, determination, and training, 


Brian Hoffner 







I hope many of you have read my article:


Fear we are returning to a time in history where it is a common occurrence to fight for one's life?


Please allow me to remind you of Item 7


Complete the following courses in this order:

1. One half-day tactical folding knife class; $150.

2. 2-3 weekends of Tactical Pistol Courses; $1,000.

3. 2-3 weekends of Tactical Rifle Courses; $1,000.

4. One day of Self and Family Emergency Medical Aid/Trauma Kit Course; $150.

5. A series of several two-hour self-defense classes (not martial arts classes); $200.

6. Fulfillment of requirements for concealed handgun permit; $250.

You should learn in these classes how to safely conduct dry-fire training with your firearms and a dummy knife. Do this on a regular basis, such as once per week for at least 5 minutes.


Peace be with you,