Men in Black to seize Spanish Regions


As our readers should know, we have been overly bearish with regards to the Spanish Economy. The main problem, still not covered by any economic researcher, is the great Spanish denial. With politicians, policy makers, business managers etc denying the state of the economy, the problem Spain faces will ultimately be much bigger than if you would deal with the problem. Valencia “came clear” on Friday, and expect more regions  to follow. Murcia’s president is putting the whole problem rather clearly. From El Mundo.

“Let no one think they’re going to give away money” , said Valcárcel, who has predicted that “it would ask for between 200 and 300 million” but specified that is not yet fixed the exact amount requested to fund the Murcia region created by the Government to help the regions.

Murcia President said that “in practice”, all regions are taken over, as he explained, the State “forced” to make decisions that will not normally be taken.

“All regions can be tapped, because if you do not meet the deficit, the state forces you to take action and that is the intervention,” he said.

“There will come a few gentlemen dressed in black with a briefcase, wearing sunglasses, to get us out of the offices to clean slap” incident Murcia President, who asked whether he would resign if there is intervention, considers that Zapatero and then Rajoy “should have resigned several times.”

In this sense, states that as a community “belong to a state that requires you to take action and as a country, belong to a union of states that also forces you to apply for the general good.”


By Given this situation, expressed his respect for the demonstrations against the cuts are happening, but thinks that “could have been done before.”

In his view, “demonstrating against a government that makes decisions and they did against other Government which denied the crisis. The end is installed in people the idea that the crisis has caused Rajoy.” But adds, in a row, what is clear is that people “is very angry and is within their rights” because “when you work more and get paid unless you get mad.”

He believes that what is pissing people is the fact that the government “always said he would not take such measures and has taken,” but argues that “maybe we should have understood that Zapatero did not take some measures, which took late and wrong, as required by Brussels and habérnoslo thought twice before making the easy criticism. “

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