Obamanomics: Grab Some Pizza, Grow the Economy

As the economy continues to flourish flounder, President Obama hit the road today to continue his Economic Lecture Series.

Today's class, stopping just short of lecturing on the benefits of the broken window theory, taught the good people of Ohio that if you buy a slice of pizza, and build a road, the economy grows.

Pay attention here kids, you don't get this kind of knowledge dropped for free every day. 



I'm not sure, but weren't we supposed to be rebuilding our infrastructure with the $800 billion dollar Recovery Act passed in 2009? We've spent $765bn of that, which very well could pave every road in the entire United States, and buy some new hard hats for good measure. How's that all working out for us, pretty good?

Speaking of getting hard hats back to work, wasn't that the exact same pitch that was made to us back then? Spend money we don't have, in order to kickstart the economy - let's check the tape



Noted. Apparently a few hundred billion more and the economy will really get fired up. This time is different! -- or something.

At any rate, now is not the time to be frugal. As we all have been taught by our Keynesian friends: spend your way out of a depression, and pay down the debt during the boom -- or something.