Gold And Silver Begin Launch On Schedule




Bill Murphy

August 21 – Gold $1639.90 up $19.80 - Silver $29.42 up 83 cents

Gold And Silver Begin Launch On Schedule

In a way how extraordinary that gold would take out $1630 and silver take out $29 at exactly the same time. Only a couple of days ago seeing silver take out its $29 key technical level seemed so much further away than for gold to take out its Gold Cartel defended $1630 mark. But, as we bolt into today’s trading on the Comex, that is just what happened right after the opening.

Gold and silver both opened up below those significant price points, took them out, and then took off. Gold stammered about around $1630, then rose to $1635 in seconds before shooting up further to $1641, when guess what, The Gold Cartel implemented their 1 % Rule for the day … the same rule they have used to stop so many gold price advances on a given day for as long as I can remember...

James Mc right at the time…



So far so good... although they're still doing that 1% cap job on gold. It isn't $1,640 that's resistance, it's the 1% rule.

$1,639.20 = +1%
$1,655.40 = +2%

Looking for several days well above +2% for that commercial (cartel) signal failure. If silver blows up as you think, it just might do the trick.

As far as silver goes today, it was all good. Once silver took out pivotal $29, the price shot up very quickly and it made a $29.44 high. So, yesterday was NO ONE DAY WONDER, that’s for sure. The follow-through was as good as it gets, especially when we are talking about give it all back silver.

That said, as good as it gets might just be jacks for openers. The silver open interest rose another 2259 contracts yesterday to 128,376, which is a new recent HIGH. This means the rally yesterday was fueled by the BIG BUYERS we have been referring to. It means strong hands are going after the JP Morgan short position. And obviously, it means JPM is digging in further and defending their massive short by going more short. If my source in Switzerland is correct, JPM knows by now what they will be up against in the near future, as it is revealed to the investment world what a predicament they are in. Their continued selling at this point suggests they don’t care what is revealed. Is this because JPM is acting on behalf of the US government? If so, what right does the US government have to act like this? What is the point of having anti-trust laws if they are going to trample the investing public themselves when they feel like it.

What we have going on here is VERY intriguing…

*Will it matter to the price if JPM uses the he made me do it excuse?

*Has JPM lied to the CFTC that its silver short position was hedged, when it was not? … or does JPM count the physical holdings of their ETF (SIV) as their own supply? JPM is the custodian of SIV.

*IF it is the case the US Government is behind the silver short position, will it make any difference to the spectacular price explosion the GATA camp sees in the works? The US Government dumped its silver reserves some time ago. If the longs want the silver, and they don’t have it, then how can they stop the coming move?

*Is JMP continuing to sell because their losses will be backstopped by our government, and those losses, will be Mickey Mouse minor compared to the trillions they are throwing around here and there for government operations?

That great looking silver chart with its massive base and beginning breakout … it won’t take an Einstein market technician to see what the price of silver could do on the upside once $30 is cleared…

Daily silver


*For the second day in a row, silver made highs late in the day, even with gold capped at its 1% Rule limit, thanks to The Gold Cartel. For silver to make highs late like it did yesterday is a rare event. And now, TWO DAYS IN A ROW OF THE SAME! The silver move up yesterday was no fluke.

It gets better, just in from our STALKER source…

*He has rumors from two sources that a LARGE silver transaction was consummated last week. I mean LARGE! It is very possible the increase in the silver open interest is initial pricing by various commercials as they source out physical supply to make actual delivery. What if it is just not there to get?

*His famed London trader has been buying silver, but will load the boat when the price takes out $30.

*On a related note, veteran Café members will recall that the last time we heard about the trader, his number on pick was palladium. It has gone up 10% since then and he is BUYING MORE.

Now for the good gold news…

*The gold open interest only rose 1285 contracts yesterday to 386,179, which is right off its LOWS since 2009 … which means the specs are just not there yet, and weren’t at least until today. There is room for tens of thousands of contracts to enter the long side to fuel the price up a long ways, and perhaps quickly so.

*That same London trader yesterday said he would be buying gold aggressively if it got to $1635, which of course it did today. And get this, he related to our STALKER source that gold would have a big day the next day if that happened. Course, the next day is TOMORROW!

*The technical gold picture is as good as it gets. Not only does it have the same enormous base as silver, if you tilt the chart a bit, an even bigger reverse head and shoulder appears.

In addition gold is also breaking out of a GIANT pennant formation. After making five consecutive lower highs on rallies, one after another, that pattern has been broken…

Daily gold

I can’t stress enough how powerful the gold and silver charts are…


A few points to sum up with as we wait to find out what tomorrow brings following the breakout out action of today…

*No jinx from me. Not even a necessary comment as The Gold Cartel saw to that. The "algo" traders went back to work. Just because the DOW downticked late, they have taken gold down $3+, and silver down 20 cents, from their Comex closes in Access Market trading.

The gold/silver share action is worse. The HUI is plummeting with the DOW. After making a high of 452.70, it has fallen back to 441 and change before settling up 7.42 to 444.62. The XAU only finished the day up 3.31 to 164.36. Some great action on this significant breakout, eh! The Gold Cartel is always there to quell excitement any way they can, and will be until they blow up.

*The bullish sentiment remains so BLAH. In days of old you could feel the excitement after days like yesterday and today. Not so now. One big yawn and that was with gold and silver on their highs of the day. This is what The Gold Cartel has wrought.

*Gold Cartel or no, nothing has changed regarding the big picture for gold and silver. We are on our way to all-time highs!