The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #117 - 31/08/2012

It probably crushes your little heart, that I defaced the one man you oh-so-love. “NO, Julius! Not that guy! He means everything to me!” But when it comes to Romney or Obama, any amount of defamation is perfectly fine and even acceptable. Fortunately for me, humor doesn't discriminate. All you need is an open mind. Anything else, and you're a sheep. This is the Zero Hedge Daily Round Up.

1. Ron Paul: Both parties Keynesian. I'm badass. 2. Euro unemployment diverges with U.S. employment. The stagflation beast. 3. Bernanke: Jackson Hole. 4. Housing prices: $3.2 trillion hurdle. 5. Bankia FOBR, says capital inject needed imminently. 6. European stock market takes acid. 7. Facebook shares at $18.

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