The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #122 - 07/09/2012

So you spent a long hard week at the office filing papers that have no meaning inherent meaning to your pointless life. You're going to explode if you see another data sheet. The boss throws a pile of *bleh* on your desk; just before you're about to leave. Standing outside your front window, you simply can't take it anymore. The lies. The bullshit. Bernanke's fucking beard... Well don't worry! Bathe yourself with my smooth "menthol equivalent" voice, and let the comforting reality do the rest. Perhaps also be open minded about how you were fired from your job last week. This is The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up.

1. Why U.S. unemployment is a lie. 8.1% vs 11.7%. 2. Oil exports: China super power. 3. QE3 baby! 4. Construction workers non-constructive. 5. U.S. under-employed a farce. 6. Apple challenged by Asian patent suit. 7. 100% negative PMI. 8. NYSE is not reality. 9. CNBC: Your ass is mine.

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