The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #123 - 10/09/2012

My computer has had some sort of major technical error every day since posting on Zero Hedge, always just before releasing another episode. Today's mayhem is inclusive of my screen turning off indefinitely, whenever a video file is openned. Plus the image in the video editor decided to turn the brightness and contrast to a merry 'zero'. How excellent. This bastard was ready well before 8pm. Now it's 8:40pm. The same goes for every other episode.

It doesn't help that I'm atheist. "Comedy and finance is a great fit", they said. I should've simply allowed the preist molest me as a child and go on to reap the future benefits of being delusional and old. I think they call it wisdom, although my psychiatrist doesn't know. He's not Jewish. 

Maybe I wouldn't be left with this appaling premise... gee, I feel like Letterman. The punchline is obscured be my arrogance and lame outlook on the typical global citizen. Any moment now... I think I see a predator drone overhead. This is the Zero Hedge Daily Round Up.

1. Obama executive order for cybersecurity. 2. Employment free 2016. 3. FBI arrest mayor of Trenton. 4. 51% admit they're American consumers. 5. Baltic dry index dries up. 6. Chevy volt stalls indefinitely. 7. 54% Germans 'nein' to ESM. 8. College degree burden. 9. $1 trillion of TARGET2 south extortion. 10. A statistic. 11. Extended last minute bulletin.

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