On Egypt's Morsi


Thirty countries have seen protests against US interests. So far, six Americans have died. The protests started in Egypt, spread to Libya, and then went global. The new president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, has said publicly that he wants to end the violence; I’m wondering if he didn’t start it. There is plenty of evidence that he is no friend of America.


One of Morsi’s first acts in office was to make a very public request that America release Omar Abdul Rahman from jail. The “Blind Cleric” is serving life in a federal pen for his role in the first bombing of the World Trade Center. Morsi’s request for his release was either incredibly stupid or brilliant.



There is no way in hell that the US would ever release Rahman. Morsi knew the US answer; he also knew what the reaction would be in Egypt. What was his motive in asking for something that was guaranteed to be turned down? Trouble?

The Blind Cleric has been a terrorist all of his life. He was involved with another very bad guy, Ayman al Zawahiri (now running Al Qaeda) back in the 80s. They were in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad at the same time. Later they went to Afghanistan and hooked up with Bin Laden.

For Mursi to push for Abdul Rahman's release is evidence of his support for Al Qaeda; a decidedly hostile act against America.


I think that Morsi was trying to stir up rebellion in his country over the Egyptian cleric. Morsi is not stupid; he knew how his country would react to America's refusal. He has achieved his desired results.




Now consider the deadly events in Libya. Who was responsible for the well-orchestrated (and well-armed) attack on the US embassy staff? The Omar Abdul Rahman Brigade.



Why would supporters of the jailed Egyptian cleric be in Benghazi? The connection to Morsi and his request for the release of the blind murderer is not a coincidence. Morsi deliberately stoked anti-American emotions. He created an “excuse” for the attack in Libya.


Morsi took control of Egypt after a difficult election. He was faced with huge domestic problems. So what did he do? He went to Iran. Who did he meet with when he went to America’s number one enemy? The Iranian military.


This is very unusual. In theory, the Egyptians hate the Iranians. This is Sunni versus Shia hatred that goes back a thousand years. The fact that Morsi chose to take the trip to Iran is more evidence that he is no friend of America. My question is, What did Morsi and the Iranian generals discuss?


They talked about what all generals always talk about; mutual enemies. The mutual enemy of Egypt and Iran is Israel. Has Morsi done anything else that is hostile to Israel?


There was an event that took place on August 4. A splinter group of Al Qaeda attacked a remote Egyptian military outpost on the Israeli/Egypt border in the Sinai. Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed in the attack. The story put out was that the Al Qaeda terrorists were trying to capture an Israeli military officer that was nearby. Huh?



Why would Al Qaeda attack Egyptians? Morsi is the Moslem Brotherhood. If anything, there is an alliance between these two groups. This begs the question, Was the attack in the Sinai a cover operation for something else?


The killing of the sixteen Egyptian soldiers was the excuse that Morsi needed to load up troops in the Sinai. This action is in violation of existing treaties (Camp David Accord). Note how fast this happened:







As of today, Egypt has a large military presence in the Sinai. This is exactly what Iran would like to see. Egypt and Iran are strange bedfellows. They are in bed together because of the old Middle East saying, The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Obama has taken a diplomatic tact with Morsi. He refers to Egypt's leader as neither friend nor foe. That’s just “nice talk”. Morsi's a foe.






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