The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #130 - 09/20/2012

If it's one thing I've learnt from posting on Zero Hedge, it's the understanding of the readers who come to this website.

Their mentality is a different beast to the podcast. 

Well, not according to the download statistics, although I imagine many of my listeners don't actually read Zero Hedge, so who knows. 

I'm sure many of us have never had a care for finance until discovering Zero Hedge, yet the subject is irrelevant. We come here for the insight and with the understand that "money makes the world go round." So what better way to discover the truth, than through finance?

We're a bunch of truth seekers, looking for more knowledge to satisfy our curiosity.

To aid the future.

Your respect will be won back one day.... I just need a little more time to finish writing this 'Merkel is Fat' joke. It turns out the Schnitzel ate her! *face slap*

This is the Zero Hedge Daily Round Up.

1. BOFA slash 16,000 workers. 2. U.S. household worth: breakdown. 3. U.S. recession imminent. 4. Chinese armada apparently false. 5. Reality hits Italy. 6. Greek Neo-Nazi party surge. 7. Obama's oil dilemma. 8. New York low income spend 25% on cigs. 9. Pawlenty has Pawlenty.

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Julius Reade

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