Wake Up Media, the BLS Has Been Fudging Its Numbers for YEARS


Pop Quiz…


How does the US economy add 800K+ jobs during a month in which employment taxes and consumer spending FALL?


Answer: magic! Or actually the BLS lied... again.


It’s truly staggering to see this brazen a lie out in the public. Even by the BLS’s standards (which has been massaging the hell out of its jobs data for years) this latest monthly employment number was a stretch.


Of course, no one bothers explaining just how fraudulent the data was, because that would mean questioning the credibility of the BLS. Instead the whole issue becomes one of politics in which the talking head idiots spar about nothing of import, in yet another attempt to distract the masses from the fact that the Government openly lies about inflation, employment, GDP data and just about everything else.


Pop Quiz #2: How many media talking heads even read a BLS announcement before forming an opinion of it?


Answer: Reading requires actual thought. It’s better to just spout an opinion without facts. That way you’re never wrong because… you’re just stating your opinion!


At some point one would think that participants in a Democracy would call the Government to account for the fact that the powers that be repeatedly urinate in our faces and tell us it’s raining… but one would of course be greatly overestimating just how little people actually care about anything that matters.


For those of us who actually enjoy thinking… let’s extend this inquiry. In the last year, we’ve seen the Obama administration ask Russia to delay its missile shield proposal until after the November election. We’ve also seen it ask Europe to hold things together until after the election. Heck it’s even asked the military to delay firing people until after the election.


Just what is being promised in exchange for this?  We’ve already seen QE 3 announced which is a clear quid pro quo for the EU’s help in maintaining things until after November. What else is coming down the pike? What other promises and back-scratches will we be giving the Russians and the EU?


I don’t have an answer for this. But I know it’s not anything any of us will actually have voted for. Just like TARP and ObamaCare, which the majority of Americans didn’t want, whatever is dished out to others to help keep things calm until after November won’t be anything we have any say in.


And rest assured, we’ll all be worse off for it.


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