BANZAI7 NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Authorities have arrested a man they say was plotting to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank.

The man is in custody in New York.

Sources tell Banzai7 News that the well "healed" Park Avenue executive commutes to Greenwich on weekends.

Law enforcement officials stress that the plot was a sting operation monitored by the FBI, Elite SEC Pornography Branch and NYPD Securities and Counter-Muppet-Terror Task Force.

"Trust us, Wall Street was never at risk."

According to the report, the suspect drove a Porsche SUV he believed to be loaded with weapons grade derivatives (Synthetic CDO-4) from his East Hampton summer home to Lower Manhattan.

He then placed the vehicle near the Federal Reserve and was then arrested by the FBI and NYPD attemptng to remotely detonate the weapon using an iBlow APP outside Scores, where an SEC advance reconnaissance team was busy conducting an HFT steak out (that's right steak out).

The suspect, whom sources said is from the Park Avenue section of New York City and is an Al Ponzi affiliate, is currently in custody in New York. He is expected to be out on bail shortly.

Sources say he was "probably, most likely, acting all alone with their assistance."

Asked about entrapment allegations, the sources responded "we are not smart enough to come up with this shit."

Citizens are advised not to speak to crew cut strangers wearing cheap pinstriped suits and tactical slip resistant shoes.

Will the owner of a silver Porsche Sport Utility Vehicle with NY license plate "GOD'S WORK" please contact the front desk immediately.




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