RoBeRT BeNMoSCHe: BaiLouT DouCHe BaG...


Robert Benmosche, the tone deaf CEO of backdoor bailout queen American International Group, Inc., is a Randian who believes the solution to the financial crisis in Europe involves making people work until they’re 80, is still bitter Congress had the gall to question why employees in his bailed-out firm should have received multimillion-dollar bonuses in the midst of the financial crisis, and feels indignant that no one from the government said “thank you” to his firm when it was able to repay most of the emergency loan provided by Uncle Sam in 2008. [ Source: New York Magazine]

What do you think folks?

And: "God bless Tiny Tim"--Robert Benmosche

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Lloyd is immersed in deep thought
Deciding which place he should squat
Despite where he chooses
The whole system loses
It's shit going into the pot!!!

The Limerick King