How Can You Help America? Let Politicians Know You Disapprove by NOT Voting Tomorrow & Buying 1oz of Physical Gold & Silver Inst

Given that every single election in our lifetimes has been a sham between two candidates that serve the same money masters that want to destroy your livelihood and that of your family, why not save your time and energy by refusing to vote in an election in which your vote will not make one iota of difference towards America’s future but instead, choose to engage in an action that can? Take advantage of the bankers' raid of the paper gold and silver futures markets last Friday and subsequent lower prices in gold and silver by visiting your local precious metals dealer instead of going to the polls tomorrow, and buy one troy ounce of physical gold and silver! One of the main reasons that the bankers have been having so much difficulty matching the successes of their previous gold and silver raids executed just a few years prior is due to the support of recent heavy physical buying in gold and silver at both the institutional and retail level. So yes, there is something you can do tomorrow that is 1000 times more constructive and helpful to America than voting. Go down to your local precious metals dealer and buy an ounce of physical gold or physical silver, or preferably, one troy ounce of both, and let the politicians that bow down to the money masters really know what you think.

UPDATE: 7:55AM EST Someone just informed us that the last two minutes of the below video was cut off for some reason. As the last couple minutes contains some of our most important commentary, we are re-uploading the file to YouTube right now, so please check back as the full video should be linked below in about 30 minutes. Thank you.




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