SHeRiFF KHuZaMi...





I had been wondering why it has taken so long for the subprime shit to hit the Deutsche Bank fan. Today we know.

And what about Khuzami, Chief Porn Viewer and rumored candidate for SEC Chairmanship? 

He recused himself from the Deutsche Bank derivatives investigation. So what!  Does this restore your confidence in the SEC?

So Mister "hot shot" enforcement chief can't direct the biggest most controversial investigation on his watch because he has a VLCC (Very Large Crude carrier) sized conflict.

Actually it is more than a mere conflict in the typical sense of "mere appearance of impropriety" is it not? It is potential complicity in the alleged fraud, or yet another case of corporate "I didn't knowed nuttin."

Wouldn't you like to be the hapless SEC Porn examiner who has to summon his boss for a deposition?

Who is the retiring Chair-Dingbat who hired this guy anywhoey?


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