Why the Gold Standard Can Return the World to Global Economic Prosperity

With youth unemployment at 56.4% in Greece and 55.9% in Spain, with nearly 1/3 of 25-34 year olds in America living with their parents, with more than 100,000,000 in China still earning $1 or less a day, and with food prices rising by more than 32% since 2007 in the UK, all due to immoral Central Bank monetary policies that deliberately devalue global fiat currencies in a race to the bottom, a gold standard is quite capable of returning the world to global economic prosperity and ushering in one of the most stable economic growth periods in the history of the world.


For example, the Central Banks’ propensity to deliberately destroy wealth is easily illustrated by the current conditions that they have created in global bond markets, where despite the high risk of owning sovereign bonds, Central Banks refuse to offer higher yields for the public assumption of this enormous risk, and in fact, in some countries, have even goaded the public into paying them interest (negative yields) on government bonds issued in Germany, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Austria (with France among other countries likely next in line). Central Banks have successfully sold their propaganda that government bonds are “safe havens” for decades to the public, and the public has gobbled up this heaping mound of rubbish hook, line, and sinker.


For this reason, governments and bankers (because they are two heads of the same monster) can offer public negative yielding bonds and still trick the public into buying them. Furthermore, in the US, the Central Bankers have pledged to buy 90% of all new government bond issues in 2013, the only scenario that will present (and perhaps only delay) a total collapse of the US Treasury bond market. Thus only trickery, deceit and chicanery are necessary tools on behalf of Central Bankers to prop up the illusion that Treasury bonds are “risk-free”. Nothing on the surface is ever what it seems to be. Because we have always dug below the surface and have never accepted the garbage that governments and bankers attempt to repackage as great value and sell to the public, we put everyone on notice in January, 2007 to get rid of USD denominated bonds and reiterated "10 Reasons Why No One Should Own Any Dollar Denominated Bonds, v 2.0", in February of 2008, when we also stated that physical gold and physical silver were much better places to park your money back then. Since then, both gold and silver have already both nearly doubled in price against the USD. Not bad for what bankers were trying to portray as “crazy talk” back then, right?


In any event, those that wish to keep the people hopelessly enslaved in our current, debt-based, Ponzi-ridden, fiat currency system always attack the idea of a gold standard because they say that the use of a gold standard today is impossible because:

(1) The price of gold would have to be “too high” to reimplement a gold standard,

(2) A gold standard would not prevent runaway inflation because there are historical periods of runaway inflation under previous gold standards; and

(3) If the same private interests that run our current global monetary system run a gold-based monetary system, then there is no sense in having a gold-based monetary system.


As I’ve illustrated in the brief excerpt from my book “The Golden Gift” below, all of these above points are fabricated lies that can easily be disproven and thoroughly debunked with a small dose of history and another dose of logic. The only arguments against the implementation of a gold standard come from the banking cartels controlled by the likes of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and their minions and puppets, because the implementation of a true 100% backed gold standard would mean an end to the reign of the private banking families that control today’s money creation and supply over all of humanity. Sound money, versus our current immoral monetary system, would bring about an end to endless wars and perpetually and massively artificially-distorted stock market, commodities, and real estate prices, and currency valuations for the Machiavellian benefit of the private banking families that own the world's Central Banks and no one else.


Lastly, for the sake of an intelligent and valuable discussion, please do ensure that you read the below excerpt in its entirety before posting comments! I believe that following this singular rule will allow for the best debate. Thank you.



The Golden Gift


About the author: JS Kim is the founder and Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent research & consulting investment firm with a focus on gold and silver. One of the primary missions of SmartKnowledgeU is to usher in a new age of global economic prosperity with the return to sound money principles. Follow us on twitter @smartknowledgeu, on Facebook here and on YouTube here.