Buying Gold is One Way to Resist Bankster Tyranny

Below is a very informal video I made this morning in one rambling short take with no production value in response to the Turkish government asking Turkish citizens to hand over their gold to the Turkish banks in order to help stabilize the economy. The reason I made this video is that I wanted to send a quick message out not only to Turkish citizens, but to all citizens everywhere to warn them not to be duped by the “false-patriotic, do it for your love of your country” message that banksters love to use in order to goad people into doing the worst thing possible for our survival during the accelerating second phase of this globlal monetary crisis. Such initiatives, if you listen to the puppet-masters, only serve to transfer your real wealth to the banksters. If you really wish to protect your wealth, citizens of Turkey, convert MORE of your Turkish Liras into physical gold and silver, especially at these prices today at a time when banksters have attacked the price in their fraudulent paper markets and there is opportunity to stack more physical PMs at artificially low prices.


As far as those that remain ignorant of the fact that gold's best use is as money, and that while not a perfect medium of exchange for goods and services, it still has many diverse qualities that make it a far superior form of money than the worthless pieces of paper whose differing value is only determined by the different numbers printed on them, please do a little homework. You have more than several thousands years of history to study to understand why so many different cultures have chosen gold as the best form of money they could use, including the Malaysian State of Kelantan today. Lastly, for those that foolishly state that private owners of physical gold “are the problem [for promoting ownership of a worthless piece of metal]”, I imagine that many of you have at one time opted to buy a radically overpriced gem like a diamond for your girlfriend or wife, and that you either (1) do not understand how the monetary system works; or (2) do not understand the game of poker. If you complete your homework assignment, you will discover that ownership of physical gold (and silver) allows one to call the bluff of the banksters’ fraudulent monetary system, and that without ownership of physical PMs, one is without a mechanism to ever call the banksters’ bluff and will have to fold every single hand.



About the author: JS Kim is the Founder & Chief Investment Strategist of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm dedicated to exposing the fraud of the global banking cartel and to the provision of strategies that have protected clients in 33+ countries around the world from the deepening global monetary crisis. Follow us on twitter @smartknowledgeu.


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