Follow al-Gore's example (its really going to be all right!)

Did you see the news that al-Gore purchased a $9M seaside mansion on the California coast?  Here is a great opportunity for us to look through the fog of his "watermelon" rhetoric and glimpse the heartfelt perceptions of one of our most brilliant politicians!  There is just so much here to dig into.

First lets talk about California real estate.  We all "know" that things are bad and likely to get worse.  We all "know" that the real estate market is softest at the high end.  Yet here is al-Gore plunking down $9M greenbacks on a big California house.  Al-Gore has caught the falling knife here.  Has he marked THE BOTTOM of the California real estate market for us?

Accept that al-Gore (the wise) is bullish on California real estate at heart!

Next we need to consider the issue of ocean front property.  We all have been told that the sea level is going to rise or fall.  We all have been told the climate will become more dangerous particularly along the coastlines. Yet here is al-Gore plunking down $9M greenbacks on an ocean side house.  Now I must concede that the house is on a bluff so that a rising sea level might not be as great a concern.   Still we must reconsider our fear that the coasts will be ravaged.

Accept the stunning implication that al-Gore (the visionary) is a Steady Stater at heart!

Thirdly this doesn't look like a redoubt to me.  It is in a nice area where many cannibals are sure to head when THE END comes.  How are we to reconcile the need for urgent action to save the world with an apparently positive move to purchase an undefendable luxury estate?  He has not purchased an end-of-days fortress but rather a pleasure palace.

Accept that al-Gore (the doomer) must be an optimist at heart!

Lastly consider that this is a purchase in the good old USA.  He didn't purchase a hideaway in Peru and decide to be an expat in a non-extradition foreign land.

Accept that al-Gore (the globalist) is a believer in the future of the USA at heart!

In conclusion remember that modern carpetbaggers ride in their jets and their armored limos and tell us to reduce the footprint of our lives.  At heart they aren't worried about the planet and maybe neither should you.  Don't let them con you into having planet sized worries.  Focus on your own worries but try to be more optimistic at heart like al-Gore!  This was fun wasn't it?

Thanks ZeroHedge!
Mark Hittinger