The Death of Crudubeeleetee (RIP)

The implications of the rudderless ship that is the Netherlands are becoming clear as mud. Lex Hoogduin says we shouldn't be overly preoccuppied with our credibility. I am interested in this question and therefore throw the question back to the best performing investors we have on the site, if they have the time, how would you be investing at the moment? Have bonds lost all their appeal? Stocks?

Moody's is throwing the country into a tizzy by focusing on government debt. No mention of private debt. But I guess we have to keep things simple for the great unwashed. It has severe warnings for us. How should we interpret this? Sorry I am now asking for answers, I'm not a professional investor. Maybe you could give us a few tips as we consider entering or exiting markets.

We'll have a barometer indicator today as the Dutch sell a modest amount of bonds from a global perspective in the 2 and 25 flavours. I wonder who's going to boycott.

De Hond says Wilders is down one to nineteen, CDA down three to eleven, Groenlinks down one to five, VVD up two to thirty-three, SP up two to thirty, PvdA and D66 stable at twenty four and fifteen resp. Sunday results.

Short post, if you guys aren't angry at me for posting short posts and clogging your mailboxes, I may do this more often. Of course flame me if I deserve it and if those flames are cruduble enough I'll leave the site.


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