THe TRiLLioN DoLLaR TuNa IDea...

BANZAI7 NEWS---Irashaimasen!

This is really thrilling for PhD morons, fiscal deadbeats, connoisseurs of fine sashimi and tuna noodle casseroles .

An arcane idea that started on sushi chef blogs in the summer of 2011-- that Tim Geithner should catch a trillion dollar tuna to avert the debt ceiling -- is now seriously taking off following this week's haul of a record breaking million dollar tuna.

The premise of the idea is this: Although the Treasury, with the assistance of the Federal Reserve Bank, already just creates money out of thin air to pay its bills, there is a technicality in the law that says the Treasury has special discretion to can tunas of any denomination, and the thinking is that Tim Geithner could catch a record breaking giant tuna like the million dollar tuna caught just this past week, attach a price tag of one trillion dollars and walk it over to the Federal Reserve and deposit it in the Gold vault next to the Venezuelan bananas and German bratwursts.

The first blog to really promote the idea was Master Chef Ushi o Kao's (as in I grow cows) Monetaro Sushinomics.

Business Outsider jumped on it soon thereafter, as did PhD sliced bullshit chef Paul Klugman.

Of course, once the debt ceiling problem was miraculously solved by the clever creation of a debt politburo and fiscal cliff, people forgot about it.

But there's a new debt ceiling looming, and this time, LOTS more people are tired of using food stamps to purchase cheap sushi boxes at the supermarket.

Now it's going more viral than Christmas photos of the Zuckerberg family!




Concerning Tim Geither's next destination, Banzai7 news has obtained this...




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