WHo YoU CaLLiN' MoRoNS, DouCHe!



The Trillion Dollar Coin idea is this farce flavor of the week. Everyone knows it. 

If mainstream comedians like Stephen Colbert are now on the case, no further need for a fringe lunatic such as myself me to "recan the Tuna".

This, however, is not a post about tunas and platnum. It is a post about a Class A douche.

This morning my cat Spreadsheets, who BTW loves the Trillion Dollar Tuna idea, noticed this particular douche on the Banzai7 Lab Douche Radar.

Mike Norman, who had the following to say on his Blog, "Mike Norman Economics, The Number One Moron on the Web":

"Moron Metaphor Alert: Platinum Coin is a "Tuna"

"Right on schedule comes the false metaphor, in response to the truth.

From the anarcho-libertarian, metal-loving, government authority despisers over at the Brad Pitt fetishist ZeroHedge blog:

The premise of the idea is this: "Although the Treasury, with the assistance of the Federal Reserve Bank, already just creates money out of thin air to pay its bills, there is a technicality in the law that says the Treasury has special discretion to can tunas of any denomination, and the thinking is that Tim Geithner could catch a record breaking giant tuna like the million dollar tuna caught just this past week, attach a price tag of one trillion dollars and walk it over to the Federal Reserve and deposit it in the Gold vault next to the Venezuelan bananas and German bratwursts."

The post is literally psychotic with all sorts of false metaphor and disturbing imagery. (apologies MNE readers if you looked.... sorry!)

Anyway, we can again see a recurring pattern in the language. Morons are confronted with the truth, in this case some very simple and specific legal interpretation of our civil law concerning US Treasury authority to mint platinum coins, and instead of engaging in the legal analysis, they look for the dispensation of a false metaphor.

In this case ZH obliges with "the coin is a tuna", and many morons can remain so."

[Link intentionally omitted to discourage blog pimping]

[Link to the Banzai7 Trillion Dollar Tuna Idea]

Listen up all you anarcho-libertarian, metal loving, Brad Pitt fetishist morons, this monetary douche mole is begging to be whacked!


Spreadsheets the Banzai Cat



This morning's cat-versation with Spreadsheets:

WB7: Who is Mike Norman, Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets: Meow [Translation: A douche weasel and a moron]

WB7: That's not nice, what makes you say that?

Spreadsheets: Meow, meow! [Translation: First he publicly humiliated himself trying to out Peter Schiff's call on the subprime housing bubble before the crash."]

WB7: Oh, what else?

Spreadsheets: Meow, meow, meow [Translation: Now he has restyled himself as an MMT Clown who regularly advocates Dick Cheney's brilliant idea that "Deficits don't matter" particularly when you have a printer, plenty of ink and blank toilet paper."

WB7: What else?

Spreadsheets: Meeeoooooooow! [Translation: He continues to make a public spectacle of himself by arguing like a halfwitted print geezer with people like Karl Denninger on Lauren Lyster' show.]

Spreadsheets: Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow! [Translation: He called Ron Paul an idiot for suggesting the Fed should be audited!]

WB7: He did?

Spreadsheets: Meeeeeeeeeeooow! [Douche Litter!]

WB7: Here, have some tuna!

Here is my handy definition of a douche bag: A douche bag is someone who lets you know who and what he is without any further need of explanation.

Think of all the douche bags you know or have known. Then watch the following video. 


As I have said on other occasions, "I know I'm a fool." The question is does this douche bag know what he is?

I'll tell you this, I dont mind being classified as a moron if it is along side people such as Karl Denninger, Carmen Reinhart, Kenneth Rogoff, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and Zero Hedge.


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