Federal Government Musings And Other Societal Observations

Reality is becoming more and more weird as we continue onto the Great Reset.  We have playwrights spewing opinions across TV and their CPM slideshow presentations regarding how the US should manage its debt (with talking points from everything except the obvious, cut spending) and no one questions the source or the validity of the suggestion.  People just assume that other "experts" know the real truth, "experts" who never pulled the trigger on a multi hundred thousand dollar trade let alone a multi million dollar trade hedged in ways that playwrights wouldn't understand even with a FRED graph.

Our President yesterday took the stage in front of presumably middle class children, the same middle class the White House keeps in a closet and brings out every so often to show the poor and rich that in one corner of the US there is a middle class.  Yesterday these criminal actors came on TV and played a role a certain BI editor could only dream of and spun a web of bullshit that even the CIA would want to take credit for.  The "dear leaders" of this lemming culture that is Amerika know how to play the simple-minded, emotion driven populace.  All of it is a crock of shit.

We can all point to some administration and highlight corruption or wrong-doing.  When the US wanted to tax its citizens, did it stop at the first rate it chose?  No.  When the Gov't started to expand the military-industrial complex, did it stop after Vietnam?  No.  When the US had its war on drugs, did it approach each substance rationally?  No.  When the US accepted Keynsian spending did it stop when spending became a National Security threat?  No.  When the US goes for the assualt weapons ban, is that where it will stop?  No.

For the Gov't to maintain its power and control over a growing population that has pockets of civilians who are using the advances we have in technology to share and collect information in an effort to fight the on-going information battle, it will need to restrict its citizens in another manner.  So far the intelligence of the average American has been wittled down.  Most won't challenge the Holy American War Machine or follow a corruption line that tangents three other events because well, it's just too complicated and complicated isn't cool when Lil Wayne is considered poetic.

Biden mentioned in yesterdays live Soap Opera broadcast that the US has a "moral obligation" to do something about guns.  Moral obligation?  No obligation to the corrption stemming from false raids, over-zealous cops with weapons, or to the civilians killed overseas so this ignorant Amerikan public can have gas at $3.40 a gallon?  Nope.  And not many care to question events and not many care to have an original opinion.  And they can't.  This world today is full of people who managed to learn how a bunch of other smart people who came before them did things.  To quote a person who shall remain nameless "if I leave you in the woods with a hacket, how long until you can send me an email"?

The irony is Amerikans are energized against murder yet the largest part of our economy is the military-industrial complex which has been responsible for untold deaths and has worked to muddy the waters around investigations into corruption and illicit activities carried out with funds from the US taxpayers.  But again, too complicated so it aint' cool, oh look 24 inch rims!  Word up!  Did you hear about the Kardashian Oreo?

Currently the US is in a state where the ignorant amoung us can't see how fucked up things are so they keep procreating while the smart people are going "wow, shits getting bad.  I'm not bringing more Amerikan slaves into this world just so they can be pawns to the elite ruling class".  The ignorant among us are breeding at a faster rate than the intelligent and it's causing this scenario where entertaining emotion from leaders is acceptable so long as we feel good at the culmination of the speech, no one questions substance or transposes the logic to previous situations.  We are the new Rome.  IE - while we are complaining about Assult Rifles and the deaths of little children, does the public not care about the Boarder Agent killed with a rifle given to Mexican drugs lords by our Attorney General which then subsequently lied to cover it and had the VERY PRESIDENT WE HAVE NOW use an Executive Order to seal the documents?  Nope. Are you not entertained?

I can't believe it's this bad.  Further on with the Holder bullshit, Mexico had 28,000 drug gang deaths.  The same gangs Holder provided guns to.  20 kids in Connecticut or 28,000 people in Mexico.  Amerkan's, being as retarded as they are, fall for nationalism and assume the Mexican humans are less valuable than the 20 Amerikan kids in CT.  What's this about?  We're all the same species yet for some reason if you're not Amerikan, if you're not on "my team", I won't root for you.  This is what we have evolved into?  This is the best we can do with what we have?  What a limited cognitive culture of lemmings we have, lemmings walking around with debt up their ears. 

The Joint Chiefs of Staff used Operation Northwoods to start Vietnam which resulted in 58,000 Amerikan deaths and yet we have not restricted that organization because it hasn't been a talking point on the one of the many state-run media outlets we have in Amerika.  The ignorance of the Amerikan public is causing much larger transgressions performed at the hand of its government to go unchecked while willingly and clearly unconsciously enabling this more violent organization to have more power over the populace merely because of a misunderstanding around the relationship of proportional observation, meaning 20 kids carries more weight than 58,000 educated and economy stimulating Amerikan.

There is no hope for a better Amerika.  We're off the deep end.  This is the best we have and the best we can.  Until you scrap SSI and do something with the geriatrics in this country, we will continue down the debt slope into an ever certain slavery that we can see, unlike the invisible prision bars most Amerikans live behind today.

I have no simple way to wrap this up so I'll say this:  I hope to be around when it all goes tits up. 


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