In Re MaRY Jo WHiTe: WHiTe HouSE NoMiNee FoR SEC CHaiRWoMaN...

BANZAI7 BROKEN NEWS--According to an unnamed White House source, at 2:30 Eastern Swindle Time today, this afternoon, shortly hereafter, whereupon, etc., the President will announce the nomination of no-nonsense former organized crime prosecutor Mary Jo White, to be appointed next Chairwoman of the SEC.

Ms "White", who is yet another "white" collar criminal defense partner of yet another well known "white" shoe Wall Street firm, Debevoise & Plimpton, is well known for leading the prosecution of notorious NYC "white shoed" crime boss John "Dapper Don" Gotti pictured below with capo di crappo John Cortizoni.

This at a minimum is sure to send Wall Street some kind of strong signal. White?

Got that? Dapper John Gotti, that's J-O-H-N  G-O-T-T-I. 

Now listen up all you fringe low brow ZH morons, this time is always different!

Now go home all of you and get ready for the Super Bowl and Beyonce's halftime lip synch jiggle.

And while you are at it, pass the white-out on the way out...