MEIN FEMA KAMPF (with editorial)


FEMA MEIN KAMPF (an Uncomfortable Reflection)


What is interesting is the following. Four years ago people did Hitler images of Obama that were deemed politically incorrect and in terribly bad taste. There was no apparent factual context justifying such satire, fringe hyperbole at best.

F-A-S-T & F-U-R-O-U-S


Four years on and an analogy what was seen as politically incorrect  has become perfectly legitimate satire for any number of good reasons. Many people still don't like it when they see this. But it is the reality conveyed by the image  that they should dislike. Here we see another great sovereign who decides the exception.

Those repelled by an image like this would be better served directing their indignation at the putrid state of affairs that puts hot wheels on the satire.


Liberals and conservatives should stop knocking heads and start looking at their common enemies. You want your guns and you want your civil liberties; and they want to take it all from both of you!


Last week we heard all kinds of inaugural blathering and pontifications about cherished American ideals. 


Meanwhile, reports of untouchable corruption and cronyism reached a fevered pitch. When legal scholars and judges argue that the Constitution is dead, we all have a great deal to be concerned about. When the pinstriped rats that enable Wall Street lawlessness, the ones who hound people like Aaron Swartz to the grave, are allowed safely to scurry back to the 1% corner office sanctity of their cushy white shoe enclaves, it is compulsory to be outraged.


There can be no crony elite respect for the the concept of "a nation of laws and not men." 


For Hitler and the Nazis, the ends always justified their means as well. For too many in the halls of power, looking at an image like this certainly can be unsettling, because it has become a kind of crony American mirror. A mirror that projects itself with reflections of truth.

To them I say: time to wake up to the smell of populist napalm you morons!


There is a reason behind the renaissance popularity of Orwell's 1984. He apparently got the date wrong. He actually meant 2014.


History does not it repeat itself, but it rhymes, to paraphrase Mark Twain.


And fascism is alive and well in klepto-corporatist Amerika.


P.S.: Congratulations Mr TOTUS, you earned your mustache. Wear it well.



h/t @ElizaWindsor