Brendan Brown on the "Global Curse of the Federal Reserve"

A relatively short video that hits on the major points of what the Federal Reserve is doing, and the impacts of the surge in monetarism in today's world.

  • Fed is creating Asset Price Inflation (See S&P 500)
  • Fed is creating Goods & Services Inflation
  • By the time the Fed realizes the first two points, it's too late (and they then move to make things worse)
  • Perhaps Japan's real problem is that they are suffering from the curse of the Fed
  • The U.S. government is funding itself and giving a bonus to the banks via the Federal Reserve

His 6 step solution on how to cure the "curse"

  1. Drop inflation targeting by the Fed
  2. No more deflation phobia
  3. Stop all interest rate manipulation
  4. No more paying interest rates on reserves
  5. Eliminate all depression era monetary history
  6. Acknowledge that asset price inflation is a virus to the economy, and the only way it takes place is as a result of monetary disorder (ZH has been discussing malinvestment for a long time now)