TePCO 2020

TEPCO 2020 .

BANZAI7 NEWS--Tokyo Electric Power Co. acknowledged for the first time this week that its Fukushima Dai-ichi plant was leaking contaminated underground water into the ocean, a problem many experts had suspected since shortly after the crisis unfolded more than two years ago.

The operator of Japan's crippled nuclear plant said that it delayed acknowledging that the plant was leaking contaminated water into the sea because it did not want to worry the public until it was certain there was a problem.

As Tokyo enters its final lap in the race to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, some investors are already betting on who they think will grab the gold: the wide swath of Japanese corporations who will score lucrative contracts if the metropolis’s bid succeeds: radiation bathing studios, wearable geiger counters, hot buns, nuclear waste mismanagement consultants, cesium rice crackers and strontium green tea ice cream are key industries to watch.