FiaT BioLoGY: KeYNeSiAN MoNKeY BuSiNeSS...




Alert Zero Hedge readers will recall that about this time last year a new species of monkey was discovered: CORRUPTOBERNANPITHICUS POMOMIENSUS.

Known by locals in remote parts of Keynesia as kleptula, the monkey apparently drinks ink, eats savings accounts and shits greenbacks.The species had been discovered just as it was being

threatened with being hunted and eaten into extinction by hungry banksters.

This week, scientists announced a startling new new discovery, a new heretofraud undiscovered species of Keynesian kleptovore...



Oyellinquito (Newly Discovered Keynesian Carnivore) .



Although Oyellinquito is a member of the PhD racoon lodge, scientists believe Oyellinquito has similar eating, drinking and shitting habits as the Kleptula.

But even more startling, scientists now believe that Oyellinquito may be a kind of missing fiat link to an even bigger and better known creature. 

 One that has the same eating, drinking and shitting habits as the other two, only much much much much much much bigger.... 





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