Wal*Mart Now Serving Effortless Meals



SilverIsKing sarcastically commented: 

"...the strength of the Wal*Mart crowd will hoist the economy..."

To which I replied, "It appears that the Wal*Mart crowd is interested in less effort, not so much hoisting the economy, as evidenced by this billboard."

Americans think are taught that "effortless" is the path to happiness, when really it is the path to diabetes, hip and knee replacements, bankruptcy, no sex life, and MOAR DEBT! 

Right after just one more effortless meal of Coke, potato salad, and Tyson chicken America will start exercising, go on a diet, and then Bernanke can taper.  Don't hold your breath.

Of course, this cycle is an over simplified illustration of a multi-factorial problem, but that does not mean it is inaccurate, or that our government does not enable it starting with our Surgeon General Regina Benjamin. 

Why would they do this?  Look who wins.  Congress gets to buy MOAR votes using "revenue" from The Inflation Tax.  JPM gets to make MOAR money from the EBT card program.  Wal*Mart gets MOAR customers.  Big Ag and Coke sell MOAR crapfood.  Physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, hip and knee implant manufacturers, and electric scooter companies all make MOAR money.  Worst of all, Big Government gets to play MOAR of a role in your life starting with ObamaCare.

It is easy to get out of this fat cycle, if one is willing to simply MAKE AN EFFORT at any point in the cycle.  Here are some ways:

  • Do not participate in the EBT program.
  • Volunteer at a Food Bank and donate healthy food
  • Do not shop at Wal*Mart
  • Do not drink sodas
  • Eat healthy food that you make at home
  • Grow some of your own food
  • Exercise

Here is Mrs. Horseman's dinner from earlier this week, a quinoa soup with vegetables from our garden, broth from our chickens, and sausage from our beef.  Clearly, she made an effort.  Is it worth it?  This family meal costs less than $10, but the real value goes beyond the money.

Google "lose weight effortlessly" and you get about 2,000,000 results.  Here is one: There is a new kid on the block when it comes to effortless fat loss. It's called Cool Sculpting.

Alternatively, one can MAKE AN EFFORT and go for a run three times per week for 30 minutes.  It costs nothing and is guranteed to work.  After a while, you will be able to stop taking effortless and expensive vacations like Disney Cruises, and instead do something that is rewarding because of the effort, like taking your children backpacking.

If you make the effort and take just one of these steps to break the fat cycle, then I promise you will be MOAR happy.