War On Sell Side Wall Street - Apple Edition: To $1,000 & Beyond!

This is a video follow-up to the post I did a couple of weeks ago after the Apple earnings announcement titled "Again, The Sell Side Analysts (Even The Rock Star Analysts) Don't Seem To Understand The Mobile Computing Wars".

Initially, I was going to go the PC (as in politically correct) route and treat Mr. Munster with kids gloves, but we're all adults here and I want everyone to realize that this is not a form of character assassination, a personal or professional attack, libel, slander or even my just being rude. Gene Munster is a professional, and a seemingly intelligent one at that. It's just that he is wrong, dead wrong, and has been wrong for some time. Despite his extreme inaccuracies regarding Apple and its share price, he is the go to guy for the financial press and mainstream media, not to mention the Apple-centric blogosphere for all things Apple investment related - despite his being wrong as hell. 

First reference this quick 3 minute video...


Now reference the following graphic illustrating a search on Mr. Munster's Apple price targets...

Munster in the media Apple 1000 and beyondMunster in the media Apple 1000 and beyond

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