Does buying your wife that diamond really say to her, "I love you?" Probably not.


I believe that sex is best when it is one on one.  However, is physical touch your spouse's, or significant other's, love language?  What about receiving gifts?  Does buying your wife that diamond really say to her, "I love you?"  Or, perhaps, she really would be more satisfied with you spending some time with her in the garden.

Consider taking a few moments with your spouse, or significant other, to determine each other's love language, and then discuss ways to fill each other up with the love we all need.  Mrs. Horseman and I did this, recently, in concert with discovery and sharing of our Myers-Briggs personality types, and it was very informative, even after decades of marriage.

The official Myers-Briggs tests cost a nominal fee.  We originally took it as part of the pre-cana counseling required by our church before we were married.  We just took it again, decades later, from licensed/trained clergy as part of a couples workshop offered by our church.

I am ENTJ and her primary love language is Quality Time.  It became obvious to us through discussing these results that unless a conscious effort is made on my part, an ENTJ is highly unlikley to schedule activites she considers quality time.

She is an INTP and my love language is Words of Affirmation.  It also became clear to us that unless a conscious effort is made on her part, an INTP is highly unlikely to communicate words of affirmation.

Knowing what each other needs sounds so simple.  Unfortunately, like most people, we each thought that our own love language is how the other is best filled with love.  Nothing could have been further from the truth!

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