PReSiDeNT'S DaY 2014



A recent dispatch from an American Banzai7 Operative living and working in China:

"Hey WB7, I had a conversation the other day that I thought you might find interesting.

I was walking along with one of our local government officials. He of course is a member of the communist party. He promotes business in our city and keeps up with foreign entrepreneurs. We were talking about developing my business in the city. I told him how surprised I was when I first came to China. Expecting to find communism I saw booming capitalism. He smiled and said that he had been to the U.S. many times and had observed one thing in particular. He said we are capitalists and you guys are socialists.

I thanked him for his honest assessment saying how few of my friends in the states are able to see that. They are too busy believing all that the MSM tells them.

For those of us who have been around for a while the irony of this conversation is off the charts. Its almost as ironic as an American finding asylum in Russia for exposing 1st and 4th amendment violations. "



WB7: Socialists is not all we are...




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