Soros Projects that Germany will be Whipped into Line





Figures show global debt has reached $100 trillion, up $30 trillion since 2007. Not surprisingly, much of these "Ponzi units" are now undergoing insolvency problems. It is obvious that a large portion of this debt has been used for scams and loots that financial criminals have put as booty into offshore ratlines. 

Meanwhile, increasing quantities of insolvent public and private debt and accompanying asset bubbles are never satisfied or liquidated but instead remain in purgatory. Lawful and legal procedures do not apply. In the end, the trillions in unserviced debt instruments and Ponzi units will continue to fester and accrue interest from the backs of several billion debt serfs.

An example in terms of glaringly insolvent debt is the Ukraine. Yields on sovereign bonds maturing in June are over 50%. Just follow the narrative on all this. First, it is of no coincidence that the Ukraine’s new guildist stooge Arseniy Yatsenuk showed up Wednesday for “tough love” and looting consultations with his masters in Washington, D.C.

In an advanced, debt-saturated end game like this, the perps and guildists constantly need new foils. Fortunately, if one is really alert, they can be spotted in the mockingbird-media narrative. In this case, the guildists have rolled out one of their front men, George Soros, to play up the “European statesman” persona. Accordingly, there are clues as to who is being set up as the patsies: Russia, of course, but also Germany. Here are the recently staged interviews with Soros. Note how he prefaces everything with the time worn dynamite-strapped warning about what so and so faces if they don’t play ball.



Germany presents several challenges to guildists: 1) There is still some wealth left in the country that can be extracted for more bail-outs; 2) Germany at least goes through the motions of demanding accountability — at least up to the moment they get rolled; 3) the country has moved geopolitically closer to Russia; 4) Germany complains about being targeted by US spying and deep state operations; and 5) Germany is being green-mailed in regard to the snail pace return of its gold, which I submit is not readily available. From Soros:

The creditors are in charge and unfortunately the policy that Germany in particular is imposing on Europe is counter-productive and is making the condition of the debtor countries worse and worse.”

When Soros openly plays the “conspiracy theory” card on someone, it is a red flag that you are actually looking at a conspiracy practice in action. Soros also uses psychological projection here, transferring to Putin his own thoughts, motives and actions.

Putin has a very different idea of what a society should be like. He believes that people can be manipulated. He actually has got a blind spot. It’s beyond his comprehension that people can spontaneously resist. He believes that if Ukraine resists that there is a conspiracy that people, that Americans, CIA, my foundation are conspiring to threaten him or to undermine is policies.”

Bloomberg chart; caption Zero Hedge

Source; Citi

Interestingly, German banks are not heavily exposed to the Ukraine. Germany’s main vulnerability is natural gas, so the lever to try and roll Germany into the Soros conspiracy practice is less financial and more about energy. Now consider what Russia’s options are. If a serious sanction war develops, the goal is to try and force Russia into an action directed at Germany and less so the U.S. If Russia is paying close attention to the real chess game narrative, it would avoid that and select game-changer doors No. 1, 2 and 3 rather than 4.

  • Abandon the U.S. dollar in foreign trade
  • Sell U.S. Treasuries
  • Default on obligations to U.S. banks
  • Freeze natural gas movements to Europe

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