The Revolution is in Fact Being Televised

Just in case you are missing what's going on in the rugged southern desert lands in Clark County, republic of Nevada...I'm not saying the next American revolution is unfolding before our eyes there, but what I did see for the first time in memory was the people drawing a line in the sand standing up against armed lunatics from the Federal corporatocracy, and not only holding their ground against the corporate goons but forcing their retreat.

This is almost unprecedented in this day and age.  With all the rights that the imperious servant class in D.C. deigns to strip from their masters, and their cronies they've dispersed throughout the country to enforce their petty tyrancies, and after watching for too long now a painful progression of police abuse videos that have become all too common on the youtubes (some of them even technically being "snuff" films), to see the people actually redeeming themselves using the power and authority granted to them by the creator brought a tear to Chumba's eye.


This sordid episode naturally conjures up memories of Waco and Ruby Ridge (I implore my younger brothers and sisters to stop right here, follow those two previous links, and give those two horror stories at least a cursory reading, because history does not repeat, it rhymes, and how it does depends on who and what we are here and now, and to know who you are now you must know how you got here, because you're writing the next verse).  Those stories, while very different, end the same: a bunch of fanatical thugs acting under color of law kill pregnant women, children, and other innocents; the murderers, sanctioned killers of the corporate cleptocracy, go unpunished (after all, they were just doing their job); the policymakers and their faithful sycophants cover it up with televised hearings that are merely pomp & circumstance preceding the preordained conclusion, already written, sealed, and ready for release upon the conclusion of the introductory theatrics.

But this time...I don't know.  Did you see what happened in that video?  Ammon Bundy, son of rancher Cliven Bundy, kicked away their attack dogs and ripped the wires of a taser out of his chest not once, not twice, but thrice, and kept coming back to confront the agents at his line in the sand, the soil that is his birthright, the soil where he was born and raised, and not the soil of the foreign thugs that contemptuously defiled it and came as usurpers and aggressors.  Call these simple folk what you will, but that's good country upbringing.  In that moment, if you were paying attention, that man reminded the rest of us the true meaning of courage and liberty.  This is how it goes down, people.  Through time immemorial, it is the man or woman who did not retreat, who did not relent, who kept coming back and tauntingly asking the aggressors, "THANK YOU, SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?"  These are the pivot points in history, as we turn from tyranny and head towards Liberty, with a brief stop at Revolution.

Assuming this continues, and the degenerates from D.C. and their private thugs escalate their siege on the Bundy homestead to (as they will likely put it) "send a message of law and order", militia members (Americans) from across the country will be converging on that spot of god's creation to defend Clive Bundy and his family and property and rights.  They (Americans) will of course be demonized.  Already, one of the commissioners of Clark County has allegedly told the arriving militiamen (Americans) they "better have funeral plans".  Please do not be informed by the scorn and ridicule that will be heaped upon these American men (and women) by the corporate media.  Just know this: if it was you being besieged, they would come to your aid, too.  Because they know: we either hang together, or separately.

If you take the time to get deeper into this story, as with everything today, you start to find out it has little to do with cattle and grazing and tortoises and everything to do with filthy lucre.  Because it's always about filthy lucre.  That's all these psychopaths know.  It seems it has a lot to do with fracking leases that are raking in $$$ for the BLM, and--surprise bitches!--the honorable Senator Harry Reid and other of his fellow psychopaths is elbow deep in this shitpile.

I am not saying, "this is it", because It is what has been happening for a long time now.  But what we see in the video above is the kind of episode that is going to increasingly happen across the nation, first in disparate pockets, and then seemingly everywhere, until we as a people finally arrive at the crossroads, where decisions have to be made.  How will you decide?  Of course, you can't know until you've been presented with the proposition, but just know that you will have to make a call, or one will be made for you.  You will bear that cross.  I've spent 8 nights in jail across 3 separate incidents within 3 years, all for a bunch of petty bullshit.  I could have just given the cop my name, or my I.D., and let them take my car and avoided the whole mess, but like my brother Ammon, I drew my line: I established my sovereign boundaries and I am going to defend them.

Yes, everyone is going to bear their cross in this lifetime, and I believe it's better to choose the cross you're going to bear.  When the time comes (and it shall), and it's your turn to bear your cross, don't worry about being inconvenienced, and don't be afraid.  The story always ends well if you have the right perspective.

Please keep your eyes on this story.  And please pray for Cliven and his family and neighbors, and for the thugs that are besieging them.

I am Chumbawamba.