Discovering Your Life Mission

Submitted by JS Kim, Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU


It is undeniable that for most of us, our priorities are going to have to change as we all adjust to a standard of living that is less than that of the prior generation. Despite the lies of politicians and bankers worldwide, there has been absolutely no economic recovery, and very little global manufacturing growth and job growth in all major developed world economic regions. Furthermore, developing regions of Asia, flooded by cheap yen, dollars and Euros spurred by out-of-control, unchecked Central Bank monetary creation, has become the 2013 version of the 1997 Asian financial crisis waiting to happen all over again. However, there is reason to be optimistic regarding the future as well, because Central Bank tyrants will fall as all tyrants eventually do. This could open up the doors to re-set the world’s economy based upon a new sound monetary system in which the economic playing field really does provide opportunity to all classes instead of being rigged to serve the 1/10th of 1% only. As we prepare to embark on the lost decade, I believe that

(1) Mental and spiritual preparation; and

(2) Refining your life’s mission

will be essential to forming the resolve necessary to cope with future economic struggles we all will face. We have been a society much too obsessed with celebrity worship and materialism in recent years and discovering one's life mission can be a fine antidote to this mental sickness that has not only become endemic, but that has also prevented many of us from thinking clearly enough to see through the façades of the many charlatans that lead nations around the world today.


If we start concentrating on encouraging our youth today to pursue careers not just based upon salary, which seemingly drives the majority of youth’s career pursuits today, but by an industry’s contribution to the advancement of humanitarian progress, then noble industries will become the higher paying industries. Simple supply-demand determinants can be used to start driving the most brilliant minds into productive industries today instead of destructive industries and to also transform destructive industries like banking into productive industries once again. Furthermore, I believe that a mass distortion of industry salaries has taken place and we must correct this distortion. It is patently ludicrous that New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez earns 7.5X’s as much (nearly $150,000) playing two hours of baseball than 40% of all working Americans in an entire year ($20,000) in 2013. It is also patently ludicrous that the NFL, PGA and NHL all are granted 501 (c) (6) non-profit status and pay zero taxes on their billions of revenue every year. Apparently, Major League Baseball had this same status but voluntarily chose to revoke this status because such status compels all executives’ salaries to be publicly reported and MLB owners did not want their salaries to become part of the public record. In part we, the public, are to blame for this mess, as without millions of rabid fans, there would be no outrageous salaries for playing a children’s game. There is nothing wrong with watching sports as entertainment. However, there is something inherently wrong with getting so enraptured by these modern day “gladiator games” that one spends hours arguing over sports that have no direct impact upon the quality of one’s life, but will refuse to spend 30 minutes to understand why our current fractional reserve banking system is wickedly immoral, a facet that directly erodes everyone’s quality of life.


We always are fond of stating cliché’s like “the children are our future” yet we invest nearly nothing in the teachers we entrust with their guardianship for nearly all the waking hours of their lives between 5 and 21 years of age. We could start by paying teachers an annual salary equivalent to just two games of Alex Rodriguez’s salary and this simple action may finally start luring the most brilliant minds available into the field of education.


So here is my open letter to the youth of the world:


“Do not let the economic devastation bankers are creating lead you down the wrong path. Violence is the easiest, basest, and most visceral response to the injustices being heaped upon us, but there is no hope and no pathway to truth from a path of violence. If necessary, defend yourself and your family. Secondly, never let those in power trample on your freedom. Hope is the rarest of commodities now, rarer than gold, rarer than silver, rarer than diamonds. We must do all we can to cultivate hope instead of to destroy it, for it is hope that will get us through these darkest of hours. Do not feel that you have no way out solely because something may be illegal. Our justice systems have been so perverted by the people that run our world today that many things that are legal are immoral and many things that have been deemed illegal are moral. Be guided by what you know to be right and wrong and by morality instead of by imperfect laws made by imperfect men that are enforced by immoral brutes. Most of all, please do not consider suicide as an option to whatever economic dilemma you may face today. Without the love you provide to your family and those closest to you, the strong will falter, the weak will perish, and those that have been waging an economic war against humanity, though small in number, will win.”

“Stand strong in the face of cruelty and inhumanity, resist giving in to your base desires of violent retaliation, and fight fear with strength and with education. Bankers may be capable of taking away our homes, and they may even take away our jobs, but we must not let them also steal our minds, our collective spirit, and our courage and our morality. Prepare your minds now because as bankers widen the path of global economic destruction, they will try to manipulate the mentally weak against the mentally strong and turn us against one another. Do not be divided by their tricks and their message of religious and racial hate, which they will turn towards as weapons of division as their economic destruction deepens. The more they attack us, the more we must resist, the more they take away our wealth, they more we must pool our resources to resist. Think about using concepts of local community to resist, whether this involves forming community farms, community services, and community loans for those struggling the most in your local regions.”

“As times get worse, the unthinking and unfeeling that lord over us will attempt to goad us into fighting amongst one another like animals. They will spread fear and hatred among the weakest amongst us, of whom are plentiful, in order to divide us. The more they preach about our differences, the more we must talk about our similarities. The more they attempt to divide us, the more we must unite, and the more they reach out to the weakest to destroy them, the more we must encircle the weakest and protect them. We must not allow the tyrants to turn us against each other as they deepen our economic struggles, which they will do as this year progresses. We must be kind to one another, but at the same time, extremely vigilant in rooting out all agent provocateurs that will try to destroy the fragile bonds that bind and unite us at the present time. We must learn to let go of our egos for the greater good of humanity. If we can do all these moral yet simple things, misery has not a chance of winning.”


The rest of my thoughts about the upcoming decade and how to deal with it are much more fully fleshed out in detail in the below video. Godspeed to all!


discovering your life mission
The Coming Lost Decade: Discovering Your Life's Mission

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In other news and in an unrelated matter, Beaver county, Pennsylvania judge Gus Kwidis rules that it is okay to auction off a widow's home because of unpaid interest of $6.30. Simply unbelievable that a person with no moral compass can become a judge today and deliberately try to ruin someone's life over a matter so frivolous.