FoRGeT ABouT El NiNo, El NuMBNuTZ Is HeRe




As usual, the MSM got it all wrong covering Obozo's latest California boondoggle. For them the big story was the angering of Big Labor in front of a  Big Walmart.

There are many good reasons why flying cross country in a 747 to stand in front of a Silicon Valley Wal-Mart and preach the gospel of global warming is the epitome of hypocritical douchebaggery.

However, let us begin with the dominant globalist meme that it is better to manufacture 99% of the disposable plastic crap that gets sold in these establishments in China (the mega-greenhouse gas caldron that it is) and then transport it all across the Pacific literally 24/7. The idea that putting solar panels (also predominantly made in China) on top of these establishments is the solution to “globalist warming” is the next part of the farce which then leads to the question of why it is better for everyone to have to drive great distances to a box retail depot for their short cycle disposable consumer crap instead of walking to one of those  small local retail establishments that got strangled to death by box retail years ago.

It is indeed ironic that all the high altitude greenhouse gas emissions generated by China Inc. wind up traveling due East to that great Globalist Mecca, the USSA.

However, what is even more ironic is the following:


For more Walmart greenhouse gas hypocrisy see: this  

Now, if you check the itinerary for this latest Presidential boondoggle, you will quickly surmise that its true purpose was not battling global warming, but political fund raising in San Diego and Silicon Valley.

And if you check the carbon footprint of a trip like this via Air Force One (not to mention all of the ancillaries such as security detail, local transport etc), you will find that it is almost as large as the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by the First Windbag as he bloviates one speech.

Well, at least turd breath made it back to the East Coast just in time for Saturday’s golf outing. Yet another turdful exemplary of greenhouse gas efficiency.

So with regard to the climate change phenomena, whatever your opinion of it may be, there can be no argument that in addition to "globalist warming" and El Nino 2014, we have El Numbnutz in the Oval Orfice.





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