Apple vs Netflix-Why is Apple showing signs of “fatigue”?


They make the best Laptop, they make the best phone, they make the best tablet. Everything they make, is the best. They also have more cash than many countries can dream of. Apple is the best, but it is always the hardest task, to stay at the top.


Of course Apple is different to the (the new dog) Netflix, but the human psychology behind some charts is the same. Greed of not riding the winner. Apple is overowned and loved by everybody, wonder just what the “sudden” fatigue in the share price is telling us. You can have an iPad, iphone, iMac. You can even replace these must have gadgets, but at what pace? Unless they come up with an iCar, things could start turning around. Watch out, as the stock could fall fast and furiously. Below charts, judge yourself, if this time is different, or not?

As Einstein said; “There are only two things indefinite, the Universe, and the stupidity of people”.










If the above happens in Apple, then we will probably see SPX in the process of forming this big Sell Off Formation.


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