INACTION JACKSON GUITAR POLICE: Holder (100% Douchebag) versus Gibson Guitars (Made in USA)

There are many many reasons why the industrial engine that once was the American economy now lies fallow. Zero Hedge readers are very well versed in these.

I don't know what kind of last minute half baked job creation nonsense Obama is planning to spout just before kick off time next Thursday night. But I do know one thing that that solar powered moron and his bankster loving halfwit AG don't know: America makes the best damn guitars in the whole wide world, bar none.

I have been thinking about what the administration is doing to the Gibson Guitar Corporation, the Cadillac of "Made in USA" guitars. The answer to our problems is likely to be found somewhere between Barry's pet solar powered stimulis project, Solyndra and the harassment of Gibson by Eric (Inaction Jackson) Holder's bankster loving DOJ in collaboration with the US Fish and Wild Life Service.

Solyndra is, or more accurately was, a US start-up manufacturer of solar panels. It just laid off approximately 1,900 employees, shut its doors and filed a bankruptcy petition. Solyndra received US government "stimulis loans of approximately $500 million, but was unable to come up with a business model capable of competing with low cost solar panels from guess where: China.

Gibson, along with several other American icons like like Fender, Martin and Taylor, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine guitars and other quality stringed instruments. It employs over 2,000 Americans. It has not borrowed a dime from the US government. It has a simple plan: people around the world will buy guitars that are designed and manufactured with love and care by American luthiers. It's primary competition is where? You guessed it: China.

There was a time when the American guitar industry was threatened to the verge of extinction by cheap foreign knock off manufacturers. It is still struggling in an intensely competitive global market. Nevertheless companies like Gibson have managed to hold their own on the basis of superior design and quality. 

Instead of studying what makes Gibson special, the Obama administration has decided to make it a target of more moron driven buffoonery. I am not going to go into the nitty details of it, you can read the link provided below. Google Gibson Guitars/Lacey Act and you will find tons of information and punditry.

The long or short of it is Gibson's factories were raided last week by armed Fish and Wildlife agents looking for evidence pertaining to possible violations of the Lacey Act, which makes it illegal to import foreign exotic woods sourced in violation of the laws of the country of origin. In this case Indian rosewood fingerboards pre-finished in India by Indian craftsmen in accordance with Indian law.

The Lacey Act, as amended, is apparently a paradigm of regulatory ambiguity and confusing paperwork. It can be applied to a blatant violator of laws protecting endangered forest species as well as to a reputable manufacturer like Gibson. It can apply to the owners of small town guitar luthiers or retroactively to the owners of any vintage musical instrument.

More than 50% of Americans apparently own musical instruments, many of which were made before the Lacey Act was amended in 2008. The gun toting agents that raided Gibson, caused the factories to shut down and confiscated guitars, raw materials and tools, could be asking Grandma for the paperwork on her antique Bosendorfer before this is all over.

The irony is that Gibson's imported Indian rosewood fingerboards were apparently sourced in compliance with applicable Indian laws. The next irony is that the vast majority of illegal timber goes to what country? Hint: A country that lead in manufacturing cheap knock-off guitars and has lots of nouveau millionaries who like to sleep in $500,000 beds made from exotic foreign hardwoods.

I have many questions, but I am only going to ask one: Why the fuck is Holder's bankster loving DOJ harassing a uniquely successful American business like Gibson instead of hammering a mortgage fraudclosure racketeering factory like Bank of you know fucking who?  

Instead of asking Jeff Coremelt and Warren Bathtub for their folksy half assed job ideas on how to emulate China, Inc., Barry Obongo should be asking what kind of twisted clusterfucking priorities are causing a company like Gibson to get tied up in a web of poorly written red tape and sub-IQ enforcement zealotry.

As a musician, I enjoy an occasional visit to the internet guitar boards which are normally frequented by hoards of guitar geeks (I am one) and politically ambivalent musicians (I am not ambivalent though). Suddenly, those boards have lit up with all kinds of atypical political banter.

No, we will not turn the country we all love around simply by manufacturing the best guitars.

But we could begin to turn it around if enough people start asking the one question they should have been asking starting from a long time ago: What the fucking fuck? 

Gibson raids: Link






(This Land is Your Land, Woody Guthrie)

This scam is their scam, this scam ain't our scam
From California, to the Manhattan Island
From the subprime forest, to the bailed out whores
This scam wasn't made for you and me

As I was walking the Wall Street highway
I saw above me a swindler's skyway
I saw below me the fraudclosure valley
This scam wasn't made for you and me


I've roamed and rambled and I've followed Greenspan's footsteps
To the leveraged quick sands of the fractionally reserved desert
And all around me that Keynesian voice was sounding
This scam wasn't made for you and me


The Bernanke bubbles rising as I was strolling
The 401ks, our savings in the dust clouds rolling
The ponzi fog was shifting and a voice come chanting
This scam wasn't made for you and me


As I was walkin' - I saw a sign there
And that sign said - no tress passin'
But on the other side .... it said JP somethin!
Now that side was'nt made for you and me!


In the squares of the city - In the shadow of the steeple
Near the relief office - I see the people
And some are grumblin' and some are wonderin'
If this scam was ever made for you and me.

Chorus (2x)





Monkey? MONKEY? I'm a fucking gorilla you clown!--Trading Places


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