W2.0:Rick Perry Wants To Try Ben Bernanke For Treason

Texas Governor Rick Perry suggested in Iowa today that should Bernanke "print more money" before the election that it would be treason. Treason is a capital offense.

Speaking just now in Iowa, Perry said, “If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in history is almost treasonous in my opinion.” Treason is a capital offense.

One is not sure if Governor Perry is taking aim at monetary policy here or trying to win over Ron Paul supporters. However, advocating violence against a sitting Federal Reserve Chairman does not really sound all that Presidential.

Someone might also want to remind the Governor that suggesting Texas secede from the Union might also be construed as Treason. But I digress.

I don't know about you gang but I am really looking forward to 16 more months of rhetoric, hyperbole and all things related to the $3B auction, Americans so innocently refer to as the presidential election of 2012