Brazilian President And WEF Member Lula Da Silva Pressures Population Into Total COVID Vaccination

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023 - 06:10 PM

After three years of covid disinformation from governments and globalist institutions, western countries are finally starting to realize that the pandemic event was not much of a pandemic and that the majority of restrictions and mandates involved in the response had nothing to do with public health or safety.  The establishment failed to implement vaccine mandates and passports in the west, but that does not mean they have given up on the agenda in other parts of the world.  The nation of Brazil has become a prime target for further medical authoritarianism despite the fading mandate efforts in the US and Europe.

While data disproving the majority of covid claims is becoming widespread in North America, there is a fight brewing in South America to dismiss or censor scientific evidence and enforce vaccine requirements anyway.  To recap, the "conspiracy theorists" were right about everything. 

The lockdown mandates were useless.  The mask mandates were useless.  The death rate of covid has been exposed as fraudulent, with up to 70% of covid fatalities misdiagnosed by hospitals.  The rumors of covid induced heart failure have been debunked.  The claims of a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" have been debunked as the majority of covid deaths today are among the vaccinated.  Natural immunity has been shown to be far superior to the vaccines.  The US government is now essentially admitting that covid most likely came from the Level 4 virology lab in Wuhan, China - The same lab where Anthony Fauci and the NIH funded gain of function research on coronaviruses.

Don't show any of this evidence to Lula Da Silva, the highly controversial convicted criminal president of Brazil - He says it's all "denialism" designed to convince the Brazilian populace to remain unprotected from covid.  Silva has made forced vaccination a centerpiece of his presidency, and his latest efforts smell of globalist policy influence.

Silva has launched a new covid vaccination initiative in 2023, thee years after the covid outbreak and more than a year after most other nations gave up trying to pressure the citizenry to comply.  The oddity of it is rooted in Brazil's existing vaccine rate - According to "official data" Brazil already has an 80% vaccinated population.  If this is true, why is Silva still trying to force the other 20% into compliance?  In pure public health terms, Brazil has already achieved herd immunity (if the vaccines were actually effective as claimed).  It would appear another motive is afoot.  

Lula is a long time favorite associate of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab.  Lula has attended the WEF for at least 20 years, and the think-tank gave him a "Global Statesman Award" in 2010.  The WEF has stated on numerous occasions that "vaccinating the entire world" using mRNA covid products is their goal.  

The WEF member was convicted on corruption charges in 2018 and was supposed to serve a 12 year sentence.  However, magically, the Brazilian Supreme Court reversed the prison sentence less than two years later.  A coordinated corporate media campaign designed to clean up Silva's image was then enacted so that he could run for president yet again.  Silva claimed victory in the 2022 elections, though at least half of Brazil argues that the elections were rigged.

Ever since, Silva has made it his mission to vaccinate the whole of Brazil, using such measures as restricting access to welfare benefits for anyone that does not stay up-to-date on their boosters and parents that refuse to vaccinate their children. 

Silva's go-to narrative is to shame Brazilians into submitting to the vaccine by suggesting they are putting their children and relatives at risk.  He claims that the vaccine is the "only guarantee of life."  All the scientific evidence says otherwise.  With covid's official median Infection Fatality Rate at 0.23% (even less when taking false positive deaths into account) covid is a non-issue for 99.8% of the public.  But if the goal is to test how far the population can be pushed to accept globalist covid rules, then evidence will not mean much.