Note To Rioting Americans: Why Looting A Rolex Store Isn't Such A Great Idea

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 01, 2020 - 07:10 PM

As SJW blue-checks pressure Twitter to ban anonymous accounts (a trend that was set in motion long ago, and accelerated with the permanent suspension of @Zerohedge a few months back), the ever-witty @TESLACharts is a perfect example of what financial twitter would lose if financial professionals behind some of the space's most widely-followed and respected accounts were forced to give up the medium due, in many cases, to the onerous compliance restrictions of their employers. A few weeks back, we shared a thread published by the account detailing why investors ought to steer clear of biotech darling Moderna (which is down ~$20 a share from the peak reached during the week before last), and now we're sharing the account's advice for rioting Americans finally deciding to take some initiative and do something to correct all this terrible "income inequality" they've been complaining about since Nov. 9, 2016.

When looting on Fifth Ave., "protesters" might want to skip over the Rolex outlet.

Intuitively, luxury goods should seem like a smart target for criminals since they retain their resale value so well, and because that value can be extremely high (when compared with staples or basic discretionary goods). However, that there are a few practical caveats that looters should consider before trying to muscle their way to a brand new submariner.

The same is true for Apple laptops and other Apple products, as well as most other pricey electronics (with the exception of televisions and a few other items).

So, what's an amateur looter to do? Well, they can start by listening on.