European Parliament Approves Resolution On Far-Reaching Sanctions For 'Russian Aggression'

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Apr 30, 2021 - 01:00 AM

On Thursday European Parliament passed a resolution that calls for far-reaching EU sanctions on a number of fronts against Russia, and which most notably seeks to require a Russian ban on access to the SWIFT payment system if there's ever a future move against Ukrainian sovereignty.  

The European Parliament "Demands that the EU should reduce its dependence on Russian energy, and urges the EU institutions and all Member States, therefore, to stop the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and to demand a stop to the construction of controversial nuclear power plants built by Rosatom," the now approved resolution says.

569 members of the European Parliament voted for approval while there were 67 against the resolution's adoption. As we explained previously, it appears a 'preventative' and threatening measure in the instance of any future scenario of another major Russian troop build-up in Crimea and along Ukraine's border such as occurred over the last month.

"Should military build-up lead to an invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the EU must make clear the consequences for such a violation of international law and norms would be severe, MEPs agreed," a European Parliament press release stated. "Such a scenario must result in an immediate halt to EU imports of oil and gas from Russia, the exclusion of Russia from the SWIFT payment system and the freezing of assets and cancellation of visas for Europe of all oligarchs tied to the Russian authorities."

And further it underscored the EU member states must no longer be "welcoming places for Russian wealth and investments of unclear origin" as well as "the Kremlin’s strategic investments within the EU for the purposes of subversion."

Needless to say, if the trigger were ever actually pulled on what are at this point these official threats to "require" immediate EU action in the face of "Russian aggression" - it would be all out economic and diplomatic war - or worse. 

Previously the Kremlin warned that such a drastic move as cutting off Russia from SWIFT would indeed be considered an "act of war" - but this is precisely what officials in Kiev have been seeking to pressure Brussels to do.