"Europeans Will Succumb To Islam" - Former Top German Spy Issues New Warning

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023 - 07:00 AM

Authored by John Cody via Remix,

Germany’s former top domestic spy chief, Hans-Georg Maaßen, said in a new interview that Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis due to mass immigration, that Islam is well poised to conquer Europe, and that Germany and Austria could do much to stop the crisis but are choosing not to.

A completely different culture is approaching us. We are not at all prepared for this, as we’re incapable of resolving conflicts even by means of violence, like family clans do from the Arab states. These people resolve conflicts by violence, whereas people in Central Europe think that this can only be done through the courts,” said Maaßen, who served as president of the Office of the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) from 2012 until 2018, said in his interview with FPÖ TV.

“The Europeans will succumb to Islam. On the one hand, because they are unable to even see this conflict coming, and on the other, because they are incapable of resolving conflicts in a similar fashion,” he said, stating that “the end result will be the gradual destruction of our European cultures.”

Hans-Georg Maaßen served as Germany's top domestic intelligence chief from 2012 to 2018.

Maaßen described Europeans as living without a vision or mission, whereas other competing cultures have a clear idea of what they are and what their objectives are.

“We don’t know where we want to go. What should Germany or Austria look like in 2030? We are living only in the moment, and therefore we are losing out to others who have a religion or ideology, who know where they want to go. We lack a mission,” he continued. “Mostly Muslims come to us with a completely different awareness of culture, religion and family. In secular Europe, religion and family — if they are still important at all — are a matter for the individual, but in these cultures it is a matter for the clan.”

Population replacement by design

Maaßen said that European politicians are actively allowing mass immigration because, according to him, “our politicians want a different population. The political left follows the course of the anti-German ideology. The more heterogeneous a population, the less able it is to articulate itself and have a democratic say. The more politics accepts immigrants from other countries as they see fit and grants them citizenship, the more politics selects the people of the state and influences the election results. These migrants then vote differently than the locals.”

Maaßen said during the interview that countries like Germany and Austria have the tools necessary to stop immigration, but they are making a conscious choice not to.

“Germany and Austria could start rejecting people at the borders from one day to the next — due to the third country regulation,” the former spy chief stated. “Furthermore, the state could deport or ensure voluntary departure for “hundreds of thousands of foreigners who do not want to integrate and who could commit crimes and continue to depend on social benefits from the state.”

One of the major sticking points for Western governments is that third nations have refused to take back foreign nationals, but Maaßen said there are a host of tools for dealing with these recalcitrant nations.

“It should also be possible to persuade third countries to take back their own nationals after deportation orders. If they don’t do it, you could ‘freeze their assets,’ prevent (their citizens) from traveling to Europe and other things. You have to persuade these states to behave in accordance with international law,” he said.

Maaßen doubts that Germany’s politicians are planning to take any serious measures against illegal immigration despite the growing risks, especially from violent cultures.

Why aren’t migrants simply turned back at the borders?” asks Maaßen. He points to the latest “migration summit” in Germany, where he said he saw “showcase politics” or “dummy politics,” where the main points that were raised were more money for asylum seekers and faster asylum procedures. However, nobody asked the most crucial question: “Why are we letting these people into Germany and Europe in the first place?”

“Why don’t we force countries like Italy and Greece to finally do what they are supposed to do according to the European treaties, namely sensible border protection? Why do we let these people come to us, feed them and spend billions on them, while many locals, poor pensioners with a 920 euro pension after a full working life, have to collect bottles?”

As Remix News has previously reported, millions of German seniors are living in poverty, and increasingly, they are being removed from their own homes to make way for the record influx of migrants coming into the country.

Muslim majority by 2200?

Maaßen’s warnings may be prescient, as Europe rapidly undergoes demographic change. Pew Research has already noted that Europe’s Muslim population may triple by 2050 to 76 million in a comprehensive report. However, over a longer timeframe, PSU Research Review predicts a Muslim majority by 2200, while in certain EU countries, such as Greece, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Britain, more than three quarters of the population will be Muslim.


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