US Passes 5 Million Coronavirus Cases, Brazil Passes 3 Million: Live Updates


  • US passes 5 million cases
  • Brazil passes 3 million COVID cases
  • Global cases (per JHU): 19,481,330, deaths: 723,599.
  • Texas reports new cases, deaths; extends March emergency declaration
  • Trump signs executive order extending COVID relief
  • South Africa crosses 10k deaths
  • US reports 1.2% increase in confirmed cases
  • Arizona reports 1,054 new cases
  • US deaths top 160k
  • Florida reports another 187 deaths, cases climb
  • NY cases top 700
  • Hong Kong cases top 4,000
  • Germany "R" rate hits highest in 10 days
  • Denmark says may asks citizens to wear masks more frequently

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Update (1945ET): Just hours after Brazil passed a similar, but much smaller, milestone, the data gurus at Johns Hopkins have reported that the number of confirmed cases in the US has surpassed 5 million, the highest tally of any country by a margin of 2 million cases (the next closest is Brazil, with 3 million, and India, with 2 million).

The US reported its millionth case on April 28, more than three months after its first case. The country passed two million cases on June 10, three million on July 7, and four million on July 23.

The single-day tally peaked on July 16, with 75,697, and has been slowly declining since then, though a second wave did push a handful of hard hit Sun Belt states to experience a later peak in June.

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Update (1830ET): Texas reported 247 COVID-19 deaths since yesterday, bringing the state's death total to 8,343. It also reported 6,959 new cases, bringing the state's total to

Hospitalizations dropped 193 to 7872.

Gov. Greg Abbott has extended the disaster declaration originally issued March 13. The order makes a variety of state resources available to combat the pandemic.

"Renewing this disaster declaration will provide communities with the resources they need to respond to COVID-19," Abbott said in a statement. "I urge Texans to remain vigilant in our fight against this virus."

The world is approaching 20 million cases, with 19,781,205 confirmed as of Saturday night, according to Worldometer (which lumps in all "probable" and "asymptomatic" cases). JHU put the global number at 19,481,330. Global deaths are 723,599.

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Update (1815ET): President Trump has signed an executive order extending some coronavirus relief for families and individuals (like enhanced unemployment benefits and the eviction moratorium).

But that's not the only major COVID-related news Saturday evening. A couple of days after India surpassed the critical 2 million case milestone, Brazil has become the second country (after only the US) to pass 3 million confirmed cases. But passing 100,000 deaths is just as big of a deal: only the US and Brazil have more than 100k deaths.

Here's more on the Brazil situation from the

The nation of 210 million people has been reporting an average of more than 1,000 daily deaths from the pandemic since late May and reported 905 for the latest 24-hour period.

The Health Ministry said there had been a total of 3,012,412 confirmed infections with the new coronavirus — death and infection tolls second only to the United States. And as in many nations, experts believe that both numbers are severe undercounts due to insufficient testing.

In a tribute to COVID-19 victims Saturday morning, the non-governmental group Rio de Paz placed crosses on the sand on the famed Copacabana beach Saturday and released 1,000 red balloons into the sky.

“It’s very sad. Those 100,000 represent various families, friends, parents, children”, said Marcio do Nascimento Silva, a 56-year-old taxi driver who lost his children in the pandemic and joined the tribute.

“We reach that mark (100,000) and many people seem to not see it, both among the government and our people. They are not just numbers but people. Death became normal “, Silva said.

President Jair Bolsonaro — who himself reported being infected — has been a consistent skeptic about the impact of the disease and an advocate of lifting restrictions on the economy that had been imposed by state governors trying to combat it. He has frequently mingled in crowds, sometimes without a mask.

“I regret all the deaths, it’s already reaching the number 100,000, but we are going to find a way out of that”, Bolsonaro said in a Thursday night Facebook transmission.

South Africa, meanwhile, reported 301 more coronavirus deaths on Saturday, bringing the total to 10,210. Africa's most industrialized country has reported 553,188 cases, the most in Africa, and the fifth-highest tally in the world.

California reported 7,371 new cases on Saturday, more than the 14-day average of 7,171, bringing its statewide total to 545,787. Deaths rose by 178 to 10,189, compared with an increase of 142 for the prior day.

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Update (1435ET): Now that Arizona and California have reported their latest numbers (both states saw a continued slowdown in new cases), JHU and BBG have published their first preliminary estimate of new cases in the US over the last day. With 59,202 new cases (+1.2%) added, equivalent to the average pace from the last week, it looks like cases continue to trend lower, while deaths were over 1,000 again.

Arizona reported 1,054 new cases (+0.6%), compared with an average 0.9% in the previous seven days. The total for the state is 186,107 cases. Another 56 deaths were reported, compared with 78 the previous day. The positive test rate was 12.5% compared with 15.7% the day before.

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It's official: The US has passed 160,000 confirmed deaths, according to figures reported by state health authorities and catalogued by Bloomberg, Johns Hopkins and other data providers. According to BBG & JHU, the US added 59,202 new cases (+1.2% ),  on par with the average daily over the previous seven days. Some 1,256 deaths were reported yesterday, the fourth consecutive day with more than 1,000, but fewer than the 1,842 reported the previous day. America has now confirmed 4,941,635 cases (plus thousands more logged as 'probable' ones, and potentially millions of "asymptomatic" cases that will never be documented) and 161,347 deaths (plus thousands that have probably gone uncounted).


Source: NYT

Of course, every time US deaths pass a big, round number, progressives come out with the pitchforks and conveniently try to "remind" indoctrinate the public to believe these deaths are Trump's fault, and his alone.

One day after Gov Andrew Cuomo bucked the national Democratic trend and declared that schools in New York would be allowed to reopen, New York reported 703 new cases, a 0.2% rise, which is in line with the average increase from the prior weeks (and months). NY's state of spread has more or less plateaued at between 500 and 750 cases per day, with few exceptions. Additionally, the state reported five more deaths, the same number as the day before. Total hospitalizations in the state that had been the center of the U.S. outbreak remained low, at 573.

In Florida, health officials reported 187 COVID-19 deaths on Saturday, along with the highest single-day total of new cases in a week with 8,502 cases, though the 7-day average for cases continued to move lower.

Now, 8,238 people have died and 526,577 people have been infected with the virus. The state's positivity rate declined slightly, but was mostly steady at 9.9.

It’s been three consecutive days of increases in both COVID-19 cases and deaths as both seem to bounce back after the hurricane (though we sincerely doubt the hurricane's tour stopped people from succumbing to the virus).

Florida reported a record 257 deaths on July 31, when the state's outbreak appeared to peak.

As we await case and death data from the rest of the US, here's what else is happening in COVID-19 news world-wide.

Vietnam's health ministry reported 21 new cases Saturday, of which 20 cases were linked to the coastal city of Danang, and one case was imported. After a lengthy stretch of no infections and deaths, the country has confirmed 353 infections tied to the Danang July 25 outbreak. Vietnam has a total of 810 cases with 10 deaths.

Amid a non-stop flurry of vaccine news out of the US, Europe, China and Russia, Tianjin-based CanSino Biologics, one of the most closely-watched (in the west, and China) Chinese vaccine projects. The company said Saturday it may test its coronavirus vaccine on pregnant women to study its ability to protect groups most vulnerable to virus. The Chinese company, which was the first in the world to start human testing of vaccines against the virus in March, "may include pregnant women and look at the shot’s ability to protect" young people during future clinical trials, said CanSino founder Yu Xuefeng during a webinar hosted by Hillhouse Capital on Saturday.

More signs of slowdown in Iran after deaths and cases surged in the country's latest wave: single-day deaths fell to the lowest in six weeks with 132, with the number of new cases at a month-low of 2,125. Iran now has 18,264 confirmed deaths and 324,692 infections, with many, many more of both  suspected.

Belgium, which has emerged as a hotspot in Europe's nascent "second wave", said on Saturday that 768 more infections have been detected, after 858 the day before. Five more deaths were reported, bringing the total number of fatalities to 9,866.

Hong Kong reported 69 new cases Saturday, pushing its total north of 4,000. Indonesia posted 2,277 new infections, lifting its tally above 123,500.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, where the country's committee of experts leading its response have disagreed on the efficacy of masks, said the country likely won't reopen nightclubs - as it had planned - due to an increase in cases. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Danes may also have to get used to wearing face masks in public (at the moment, they are not mandatory, though Danes are asked to wear them on public transit).

Starting Saturday, Germany will test all returning travelers as the country's "R" value climbs to 1.16 on Friday, its highest level in a week-and-a-half.

Here's how the worst outbreaks in the world are progressing, per JHU: